Closing out the weekend

The remote power button mentioned last time around the old weblog has worked perfectly with my Dark Base Pro 900 computer case. It’s nice to not have to use the backup power button option on the motherboard every weekend to activate my Windows computer. I did spend some time this weekend looking at various options to buy a Macbook on the Best Buy website. They have a ton of different options including refurbished ones and previously owned models. Apple has a reputation for being expensive, but you can find a ton of older model options that are not as pricey as the latest editions. You can find lower priced options if you spend some time trying to figure out where the best deals might reside. 

This weekend I did figure out how to watch Top Chef on the Peacock streaming service which worked out well enough to close out the weekend. Most of the NCAA championship game broadcast OTA on ABC was fun to watch until the very end when the game stopped being competitive. Generally the first half of the game was really great to watch and I thought it might end up coming down to the last shot, but that is not what ended up happening.

An external computer power button

Strangely enough the power button stopped working on my Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev.2 computer case recently. Instead of taking all the computer parts out of the case and rehoming them in a new case I elected to try out an external power supply button [1]. A bunch of options exist for external power buttons. Some people apparently like to be able to push the power button without having to reach down to the computer location. This new option worked out well for me as I just ran the external power button toward the front of the case where I can now turn the computer on and off without any problems. This oddly enough was a good solution that worked out well enough for me and saved me a lot of work to rehome the computer parts. 

[1] https://www.newegg.com/p/2A6-021F-00001?Item=9SIB7VEK713319 “Desktop Computer Power Switch Power Supply Control Adapter Cable”

Maybe those data stores are unnecessary

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been considering how important all my cloud backup datasets really are in terms of being necessary. I have document repositories dating back to 1999 and I’m not entirely sure that they are needed for any real reason at this point. Beyond that consideration I started to wonder how long the DVD, Blu-ray, and other disc medium storage restore points actually last. Maybe I could take a little bit of time and test a few of the older discs to see if the storage media is still working.

Oh snap, some words

Some words are in order. March is coming to an end. My velocity of writing on the old weblog here has slowed. That happens from time to time. Recently, I have considered deeply diving into writing either some fiction chapters or short stories. Part of that is my out and and out disillusionment with the flood of artificial content online. At the end of each night, I might end up writing for a few minutes before falling asleep which would be a change to my normal audiobook routine. 

Yeah, I bought an iPad

Back to blogging or so they said. It should be fun to spend some time writing. That writing should be the thing. It could be the thing. Back to a bit of blogging had to be the way to start the day. Maybe it was and I just missed the point.Throughout this last week I thought about writing a fiction book staged out of the early millennium, but written to feel present in the moment now. Instead of writing that novel or taking the time to at least sketch it out things took a turn to something else entirely. Thanks to the magic of some current discount I purchased a 9th generation iPad for about $250.00 and had it delivered to the house. It’s my first Apple purchase in the last 43 years and for the most part it was super easy to use. Honestly, my last month using a Macbook was way harder to deal with where everything is opposite in terms of closing windows or clicking on things. Oh, and on the Macbook using the trackpad was just difficult and not intuitive. I plugged in a regular mouse and keyboard and have been able to work without much disruption.

A 9th generation iPad sitting on a desk

So many writing thoughts

My thoughts are at a crossroads at the moment. I’m trying to figure out exactly what to focus on at the moment. Normally, my Saturday morning writing schedule involves writing the next edition of the Lindahl Letter weekly publication. My backlog file has 146 items in at the moment. I should probably spend some time working on that backlog list and both pruning and sorting it based on what research notes still deserve attention. The other thing I need to spend some time working on today is a review of my 5 year writing plan. That however begets more and more writing about the process of writing and sorting, planning and review, or potentially backlog pruning. None of those things are extremely exciting or dynamic in terms of being presentable. Maybe that is ok sometimes, but being the primary element it is probably not that acceptable.  

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