Closing out the weekend

The remote power button mentioned last time around the old weblog has worked perfectly with my Dark Base Pro 900 computer case. It’s nice to not have to use the backup power button option on the motherboard every weekend to activate my Windows computer. I did spend some time this weekend looking at various options to buy a Macbook on the Best Buy website. They have a ton of different options including refurbished ones and previously owned models. Apple has a reputation for being expensive, but you can find a ton of older model options that are not as pricey as the latest editions. You can find lower priced options if you spend some time trying to figure out where the best deals might reside. 

This weekend I did figure out how to watch Top Chef on the Peacock streaming service which worked out well enough to close out the weekend. Most of the NCAA championship game broadcast OTA on ABC was fun to watch until the very end when the game stopped being competitive. Generally the first half of the game was really great to watch and I thought it might end up coming down to the last shot, but that is not what ended up happening.

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