Refocusing on completing objectives

Refocusing on completing objectives should be my primary concern. Part of that will have to be opening the door to doing some of the things that have been a part of my regular routine and mixing in some productivity amplifiers. Probably one of the more productive things that I have done over the years is sitting down and writing at the start of the day to focus my attention on the things that deserve focus and to push away the things that are for later or maybe may never get any really focused attention. Some people might say that is an effort to compartmentalize and ensure focus is on the primary objectives. That sounds about right. 

Making this new plan work will be about writing down potentially in my notebook my five objectives for the day. Each working day has 5 good blocks of time in it to focus on the very real completion of objectives. Letting days go by without knocking out some high quality objectives is something that cannot stand. That is the core reason that refocusing on completing objectives really does have to be my primary daily concern. It’s the nature of not really being able to just fully and openly write that maybe creates my biggest degree of frustration. 

Everyday right now I’m both writing code to drive forward a business purpose and I’m looking for the next great opportunity. Those two things are not really in conflict. Within my 5 good blocks of time (5GBT) I certainly can work on both of those things. Generally, I have elected to spend the first block of the day on the search and then pivoted over to working on other pursuits. Some of that has been working in Overleaf to write academic style articles in LaTeX to publish, other parts of it involves writing Substack content, and the rest involves working on writing code in Microsoft Visual Code Studio or Google Colab. That could very well be broken down into blocks of the day. An example of 5 blocks would potentially look like: 1) Searching, 2) Overleaf article writing, 3) Substack posts, 4) Code development, and 5) Code review. 

Staying locked in and focused on the tasks is always the hardest part of that process. To be fair my best focus happens at the start of the day so whatever takes the last block positions never really gets my best attention. That means that complex troubleshooting or code innovation needs to be repositioned to the front of the block structure when necessary. Outside of that being at the back of the content blocks will generally be ok as some of that just takes time to complete vs. taking pure creativity to get from the desired direction to a working product. 

The things that needed to be said today have been written down and for the most part this is as good as it is going to get today. Welcome to the first Friday morning of 2024. Things are going to keep moving along. That is where we are at right now. Stay focused on the objectives. Always maintain that momentum that moves things forward. 

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