Blogging along since 2002

This blog has existed in a number of formats over the years. Different underlying platforms have supported things. Microsoft Frontpage, Movable Type, and WordPress have all been a part of the technology footprint. According to captures from the Wayback Machine you can see results dating back to 2002. Certainly that type of internet archaeology is interesting, but not entirely informative. It does serve as a reminder of the degree of permanence that exists with online works. I do have a massive word processing document with pretty much every post in order dating back that far, but I have given up a couple of times trying to edit that massive volume of work. Not that long ago I did go out and clean up some manuscripts to make sure they were back in print. Keeping things in print is an important part of them being available. 

Emotions abound these days. I’m settling into a new situation. Even my daily monitor setup is different. It takes some time to try and figure out exactly what is next. Things unfold along the way. One of the things that I wanted to figure out was how to devote a little bit more time to producing some weblog posts. It’s interesting that WordPress cannot send more than a certain number of links back over to Twitter these days. Everything has gotten so much more political recently. Social media as a landscape is changing a ton right now. The advent of Blue Sky as a prominent player is happening as a scarcity of invites has stirred up a lot of interest. You could easily consider it a cool kids club right now. 

Being in the camp of people who have published millions of words online I’m certainly no stranger to publishing content. I downloaded my 10,000 tweet archive the other day from Twitter. I actually almost flipped the whole collection to the “protect your tweets” side of things. Taking that course of action was briefly considered, but I figured oh well and left them online. It’s possible some new social media players are going to pop up here this year. We will see what happens in 2024 and beyond with the totality of social media engagement.

You certainly are able to replace the act of tweeting with WordPress posts that generate a tweet during publication

You certainly are able to replace the act of tweeting with WordPress posts that generate a tweet during publication, but the process is a lot more work. That is probably the reason that most people would not use that methodology for posting. Other people have come to the same conclusion. I’m also pretty sure that the algorithm downranks the posts you send over that way. I’m going to really lean into building things with code. It does markedly increase the velocity of posting on the blog. I’m actually approaching 10,000 total tweets. Well I’m actually at 9,871 total tweets since March of 2009. The number of weblog posts that have been created in that same window happens to be 2,614. That number includes 1,201 published, 243 drafts, and 1,160 private posts. My velocity of tweeting was way higher than my general posting velocity. Certainly sending out tweets is a much easier thing to do than writing a more complex longer form missive. I’m not entirely sure why I ended up spending so much time today thinking about Twitter.