My attention and efforts were focused elsewhere

Yesterday my publishing streak on this weblog ended. Writing streaks come and go along the journey. Two seperate blank documents were opened yesterday and neither of them inspired any typing at all really. One was even opened up on this workstation running Windows 11 Pro. Oddly enough this installation has done pretty well. It was installed on June 29, 2021 which is quickly approaching a one year anniversary. Generally my operating system installations do not last that long. Installing new operating systems happens fairly often or at least it normally does. My last computer case made that very easy to achieve. It had a swappable drive at the top of it that let me easily wholesale switch from Windows to Linux during the booting process. That process also allowed for the option of just installing a new operating system at any time. This go round is a little different. Within my Dark Base Pro 900 computer case Windows 11 Pro is currently installed on the single onboard M.2 drive. 

Right now I’m using 3 media creation workflows. First, a podcast creation workflow that involves Audacity and recording audio each week. Second, I’m using a Focusrite with Pro Tools to work with audio recording from a guitar. Third, I have everything setup for recording for YouTube including OBS and a couple other video editing tools. Mostly I sit down at my workstation and engage in the process of writing every morning at the start of the day. That did not happen yesterday of course, but that was more a function of mood than a problem with the actual mechanics of writing. I just could not bring myself to sit down and clear my mind before beginning the writing process. My attention and efforts were focused elsewhere.

A bit of audio work

For some reason over the last couple of weeks I have not really wanted to write on a daily basis. My daily writing routine has been disrupted. I had a pretty good writing streak going and then it fell apart. Right now I’m listening to the Colorado Avalanche hockey game on the radio. Earlier today I was struggling with my Pro Tools First recording setup. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Gen 3) runs via USB Type-C and pretty much just has to be plugged into the computer. That part of the setup seems to be working fine. Every once in a while the input level needs to be adjusted a little bit up or down, but for the most part it requires very little interaction to work. Exporting audio from Pro Tools First seems to work, but the file takes up storage space and has no volume to it at all. It is super frustrating to try to figure out. I’m probably going to un-install the software entirely and try to set it up again.