Small adventure Monday reactivated

I’m getting a lot of invites for virtual events to listen to these days. For the most part, I try to place the invite on the calendar so that I remember to attend the event. Turning off all the notifications on my smartphone was an epicly good decision, but it does stop some prompts that would be useful. It does beneficially block a lot more distracting content than it surprises good content. 

I was looking at getting a bridge SILO humbucker from Bare Knuckle pickups [1]. 

Testing out YouTube Shorts has been interesting. The popularity window for something loaded into YouTube Shorts is mind bogglingly short. Based on the first 3 videos it seems like within a few minutes of launch it either takes off or it just fades along. 

I’m still on the waiting list for Langflow access [2].

Botpress was pretty easy to use. After login I clicked answer questions from websites to create a bot. I added both Civic Honors and my main Nels Lindahl domain. They just jumped in and advised me that the knowledge upload was complete. Publishing the bot is not as low friction as the Voiceflow embedding launch point, but it was not super hard to work with after you find the share button.

I messed around with the local installation of Flowise. 

My attention ended up moving over to learn more about LangChain in general [3].