On that power supply problem just started

Over the course of the last two weeks my CORSAIR RM850x power supply has started acting up. I do not move my desktop computer tower very often. It’s in a Dark Base Pro 900 case and it sits under my desk. For the most part it remains undisturbed and just sort of sits and waits to be powered on via the front switch when it gets turned off. Earlier today I had to switch out the power cable to a different one and it did finally power on which is how I’m writing this missive right now. I ordered this power supply back on February 15, 2018. That means that the power supply has lasted 5 years and is now starting to have some trouble. I’m looking at new ones right now including the CORSAIR RMx Series RM1000x model. I looked around for a bit and finally decided to just order a new one. Power supplies are not really something to mess around with given that they are the base of the entire computer system.