24 hour application usage sample

Today got off to a slower start than intended. My alarm went off and I got out of bed and was ready to jump into working, but it took about 30 minutes to boot up and become productive. Even with two shots of espresso and some Sunday with Ola playing. Part of the slowdown was due in part to a bunch of web surfing about how Eight Sleep products work. We have two large dogs and I have been hesitant about any technology they could destroy. Yesterday, I started a little tracking project to see what applications or software packages I’m using actively right now. During the course of the last 24 hours of big adventures I just kept a list. It turns out that I used 15 different things. You can check out the list for yourself below. The list is roughly in the order of how the applications were used throughout the last day.

  1. Android OS – Alarm clock on my Pixel 7 Pro went off at 5:30 AM
  2. Windows 11 OS – unlocked my main computer the Dark Base Pro 900
  3. Microsoft Outlook – Checked my primary email inbox
  4. Gmail – Checked my secondary email inbox
  5. Pokemon – I had to clear out some Pokemon to get ready for Go Fest 2023
  6. PowerDirector – Edited some video clips for the daily vlog
  7. YouTube – Watched the All-In podcast and the WAN show
  8. Google Docs – edited some documents and did some writing
  9. Google Podcasts – listened to some podcast audio during a walk
  10. Pandora – listened to some music during a walk
  11. LinkedIn – I’m checking this daily now
  12. Twitter(X) – I’m still a daily active user of Twitter
  13. YouTube TV – I watched a bit of the Bears vs. Bills game via Sunday Ticket
  14. GitHub – I was messing around with some Colab notebooks
  15. Google Colab – These launched out of GitHub

I probably used the Chrome operating system as well on my Pixelbook Go at some point during the day. Generally, I mess around with Colab notebooks on the Chromebook. The major GPU work on those notebooks is happening somewhere else so the Chromebook interface is plenty powerful to support the Colab notebook browsing experience. The list does not include any indexing to how many times I used anything. For the most part, I was just tracking the first use of something to help make the list. This was not intended to be a time in motion study of any kind. It was just an effort to help understand the tooling being used. The next step here would be to extend the sampling period to an entire week and see if anything else ends up being caught up in a longer sampling period.