My 5 year writing plan

My 5 year writing plan as of March 8, 2023:

Year 1: Keep a heavy machine learning focus for the rest of 2022. Finish writing a collected series of machine learning/AI essays on Substack and combine them into a manuscript, The Lindahl Letter: 104 Machine Learning Posts. This manuscript should include both Years 1 and 2 of the Substack series.

  • Keep writing weekly Substack posts.
  • Take time for the manuscript generation process at the end of the year.
  • That manuscript will need to be edited by a professional before the print edition goes live.
  • Rework last year’s speaking engagement talks into academic papers. This could be one combined paper or potentially five different papers depending on how the initial effort shapes up.
  • “What Is Machine Learning Scale? The Where and the When of Machine Learning Usage”
  • “The Machine Learning Scale Problem: Thinking About Where and When to Use Machine Learning, ROI Models, Synthetic Data, Repeatable Frameworks, and Teams”
  • “Applied Machine Learning ROI: Understanding Machine Learning ROI From Different Approaches at Scale”
  • “Demystifying Applied Machine Learning: Building Frameworks and Teams to Operationalize Machine Learning at Scale”
  • “Figuring Out Applied Machine Learning: Building Frameworks and Teams to Operationalize Machine Learning at Scale, V3”
  • Rerun the MLOps GitHub research and turn that content into a paper.

Year 2: For 2023, I want to pivot into studying sentiment analysis and modern polling methodologies. At this point, I will have written 104 essays on machine learning/AI and should probably refocus on a specific topic that is material to machine learning/AI, but adjacent to it as an area of research. It’s possible by 2023 that quantum computing will be a huge topic for research and will end up getting some attention as well.

  • Complete work on an automated sentiment analysis paper.
  • Write some sentiment analysis and machine learning essays for Substack.
  • Work on publishing modern polling methods essays for Substack.
  • Finish up writing the breakdown of modern polling paper.

Year 3: 2024 will include a return to writing about local government administration and technology. It will be 20 years since earning my master of public administration degree. By this time, my writing should be as crisp and focused as it will ever be, and my perspective on technology will be well considered from my previous work on machine learning/AI. A few topics will be considered:

  • Technology and local government administration
  • The intersection of public administration and technology
  • How technology influences the practice of governing 
  • How government uses machine learning/AI technology

Year 4: 2025 will probably be the year where quantum computing has broken down modern encryption frameworks. A few topics will be covered here:

  • Changes and uses in encryption technology
  • Encryption and society
  • Quantum encryption

Year 5: 2026 is going to be a year where my backlog should be highly full. The previous four years of this writing plan should have created a ton of leftover writing works. A few topics that I plan on highlighting include these:

  • A reflective work on machine learning/AL
  • Did open source MLOps technology survive?
  • Did the serverless trend pan out in the cloud?