Working my original content creation plan for 2023

Very early this morning I sat down to work on my writing plan for 2023 and to write 5 longer form tweets that were full of original content. It has felt like Twitter needed some more original content. Instead of working toward writing a weblog post today, that is where I put my attention. Obviously, I decided to package all that up into a weblog post for good measure. This writing effort was part of an effort to mix things up a bit and write in a different way. 

  • This was actually a pretty productive morning. I sketched out a writing plan for about the next 25 weeks. As we move from 2022 to 2023, my primary weekly content creation is going to shift a bit from ML to a stronger AI focus and more content on modern polling methodologies.
  • Building original content within an ongoing narrative related to a specific theme or as a collection takes time. It’s ongoing and sustained. Sometimes the tipping point on that one is when the totality of the narrative becomes large enough it cannot be consumed anymore.
  • Working toward the edge of what is possible while bringing people along for the journey changes the nature of how the community in totality moves forward with that project. Within the summation of that community a general level of knowledge exists. That is a shared foundation.
  • So much opportunity for new business exists as we see the potential intersection of technology and modernity. Changing frontiers of technology are opening the door to all sorts of disruptions in operational patterns that create windows of advantage in markets that are developing.
  • Converting the backlog contained in a writing plan into action involves having a defined time for achieving that objective and a valid writing plan. My efforts to make that happen have been about waking up early and devoting a daily hour to writing.

I’m curious what would happen if I pushed out a few tweets like that on a daily basis. Most of the time the content that I share to Twitter involves links to things that I read and thought should be shared in the stream of things. More content exists in the Twitter stream that could ever be consumed by a single person. We have more signal in the stream than anybody could possibly sort out and that in some ways makes all that micro signal sharing into a general noise.

Getting back to carrying a backpack

My big plan for the moment is to share this weblog post over on Twitter using the social features of Jetpack. I’m going to click the radial button to, “Share the content of this post as a Twitter thread.” That is not really something that I do very often. Given that it is going to happen today, you are certainly more than welcome to enjoy this content as it gets broken up into seemingly random length tweets. Apparently, I have procured 9,159 tweets since March 2009. Clicking that button every time will certainly get me over the 10,000 tweet threshold. 

It has been years since my everyday travel involved a backpack. Throughout a decade of college courses that certainly happened. Carrying my laptop with me in a backpack used to be something that almost always happened. I have had a number of laptops over the years and I don’t even really recall all of them at this point. A few stand out like my Sony VAIO Laptop VGN-T250P, Dell Studio 1535, and HP Envy X2 laptops. Writing time could happen at any moment and I had to be ready. At some point, that type of need to carry a backpack just disappeared. For the most part being able to throw on a pair of noise canceling headphones and work from a laptop is delightful and very easy. At one point, it was a pair of wired headphones and they did not cancel noise or anything that fancy. With that setup pretty much any spot can quickly become the place that work is going to happen. 

All this talk about the pending demise of Twitter really made me start thinking about the days of carrying a backpack. It’s probably some type of nostalgia or something in this moment that made me start to reflect on things. People really do believe that as a social network platform Twitter might very well break this weekend. I’m not entirely sure that would really happen. The platform itself has been pretty well battle hardened over the years. I’m guessing it can run for some time with minimal support.

Working away from using Twitter for posting

Things within the space occupied by business news related to the Twitter platform have been beyond weird recently. To that end I’m actively working away from using Twitter for posting. It may be time to just swing back over and write things for the old weblog. This is a familiar fallback posture to take. My blogging goes way back for around 20 years now. At some point, I did elect to pull down some of my older posts by placing them into the archive side of things. They are loaded, but are a private part of the content library on the weblog. For better or worse, that is probably the way things will remain for some time. That includes about 1,880 posts that are set to private within this weblog deployment. 

I guess that means that writing new content should be a priority. To that end I’m going to spend a few moments here writing and working on thinking about the nature of things. It was one of those days where I thought about buying a new office desk chair at some point. Without question that is not something that I need to do anytime soon. My Scandinavian Design Wau desk chair is holding up just fine. Some of the Herman Miller chairs always look pretty darn good, but that is not something that I need to buy any time soon. I’m sure the office desk chair that I have right now will last for years.

Maybe I should live Tweet today

Today could very well be a live tweeting extravaganza. Two shots of espresso were brewed using a Nespresso machine. 400 calories of chocolate flavor Huel were consumed. Now that I’m all fueled up, I have a couple hours to write.

Today I got left behind during spring break week. Apparently, all the fun is happening elsewhere and it was time for me to be left back at the basecamp for writing and reading. Today is @NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote. It was not a bad day to get left behind. 

I finished the upcoming “Language models revisited” post and should be focused on writing a Substack post about “Ethics in machine learning” with my extra time today. I’m looking at other content creation options, but will probably swing back to generating 1,000 words on ML ethics.

A little music was required to begin the writing process. I’m listening to my Warren Zevon station on Pandora. It was apparently created back on May 5, 2013. You can find it here: ? Warren Zevon Radio on @PandoraMusic

Things are about to get going with Jensen from @NVIDIA. I have the keynote ready to go in a browser tab “GTC 2022 Keynote [S42295]” is waiting to play. Don’t panic with FOMO. It has an indicator of what will be covered, “Primary Topic: AI Strategy for Business Leaders.”

The GTC event has so many sessions it would take a lot of time and effort to listen to all of them. I’m thinking beyond the keynote I might attend, “A Vision of the Metaverse: How We will Build Connected Virtual Worlds [S42114].”

Ok the #GTC22 player failed with the error message “Something went wrong” from the actual @NVIDIA event player and I ended up going over to @YouTube to watch the actual keynote live stream with 6,713 other people watching the premiere.

This keynote from Jensen is super choreographed and heavily embedded with graphics. It’s almost overproduced at this point. I’m getting a bit of infomercial flavor compared to the technical content I wanted to consume. However, #GTC22 is holding my attention so far today.

This #GTC22 keynote is really full of machine learning buzzwords. Anybody playing bingo to this keynote probably has already had a winner. They really had Jensen reading a ton of rather dense lists during the recording process.

I was really hoping Jensen would announce they built an actual Jurassic park during #GTC22. Would they have to pay Michael Crichton a royalty?

I’m curious about how the GPU confidential computing will work in practice. The #GTC22 keynote has been interesting so far.

Whoa… That is a fast computer from @NVIDIA. The #GTC22 Eos will be 275 petaFLOPS or 1.4x faster than the fastest science computer in the United States…

NVIDIA Eos screenshot

Like Jensen I’m very curious what the next million-x will look like as well. #GTC22 should be interesting this year. I’m gearing up for the “A Vision of the Metaverse: How We will Build Connected Virtual Worlds [S42114]” panel that is starting soon. The videos should be here:

Working into a bit of writing

I’m going to let this missive go out as a Tweet storm using the Twitter Thread feature today. Generally I have just allowed it to do a single Tweet which would allow people to get back to the weblog from Twitter via the link if they wanted to read that particular gem of intellectual audacity. Really they are mostly just my musings about the intersection of technology and modernity of the process of writing. 

Yesterday I constrained my writing session to blocks of 280 characters based on a Twitter limitation. A consequence of that constraining was that only 5 blocks of wonderful prose were created during the writing session. Some of them were pretty good, but a couple of them got stilted and otherwise sad. Trying to take an idea that was just written and then editing it down to the limit of 280 characters was really time consuming and just slowed down my entire writing process. My writing had no flow or effective path forward. Writing and them immediately editing that block of prose is not the way to go for my writing endeavors. For better or worse it is best to ride the winds of inspiration to produce prose and circle back when the winds calm down to edit after the point of inspiration. That is pretty much the best method for me to generate prose. Effectively that means opening a blank word processing document (Google Docs) and just typing until the need to type is done. A long time ago I used to really have to write before going to bed for the night. You could describe it as a bit of hypergraphia or the compulsion to write. 

All these ideas would show up and just sort of swirl around. At the time, I felt like they were all the most important things I could commit from inspiration to recorded prose. Being compelled to write really did end up taking a lot of sleep time and converting it to working time. Eventually over the course of writing millions of words my daily writing sort of morphed into something that happens in the morning instead of the evening. I wake up and in that foggy period of waking up and getting ready to go I work on writing until I do not want to write anymore. Maybe the mix of writing all day and working on academic things, Substack posts, and other projects has been the key to organizing my writing into a series of routines. I could end up with a better writing schedule beyond my reserved weekend morning writing blocks and sometimes a Friday evening block of time. Those times are usually enough to really dig in and do some academic work. To get that type of work done I need blocks of time that are uninterrupted and allow me to do deep work with a degree of focus that is beyond my other writing sessions. 

Given all of that previous argument above has been written and recorded, I have been working into a bit of writing for about thirty minutes now. A lot of my blogging content ends up being about the feeling and process of writing. I sit down and allow the stream of consciousness writing session to occur without any real control of it or reservations about it. To that end sometimes I end up with a bunch of process related content about writing and thinking about writing. You can find the other content being produced under separate cover based on academic articles and other types of content creation like Substack posts. At one point all of the content ended up floating around in the same stream and for me that worked out well enough as the whole process was to get things inflight for me out of intellectual curiosity.

Writing in Tweets

Maybe my weblog post today should be drafted in sections that are the length of a maximum Tweet at 280 characters. That will shrink my paragraphs by a lot for this post. I’m considering just composing a bunch of blocks and then posting them on Twitter as I write some prose today.

My writing plan to produce a Substack post each week has been working. Week 42 about time crystals has now been written and will go live in 6 days. In 10 weeks, I will have hit my goal to publish a weekly machine learning based post for an entire year.

Earlier this week I moved my office desk from my downstairs office. I did spend a majority of my time in that office sitting in my blue Scandinavian Design’s Wau desk chair. My desk and that chair are now upstairs for a few weeks. A majority of my time will now be spent upstairs.

My internet modem is now upstairs. I was worried that the gigabit speed would be diminished by the house wiring vs. a direct run to my office. Comparatively the speed loss was 20% from the top end. That is acceptable for now. My plan in a few weeks is to move back to my office.

Editing the idea I want to communicate from each paragraph down to 280 characters really slows down my writing output. Maybe it will help me be more word economic and succinct go forward. My writing is not really overly wordy to begin with so editing down requires real effort.

On Twitter archives

For some ineffable reason people are visiting my Twitter export archives from 2012. I had actually stopped exporting my tweets over to the weblog. Most of the time my writing efforts on Twitter are related to sharing links to things. My Twitter feed is really just a series of links to things that have caught my attention and have been shared online. This year during the pandemic I have spent more time engaging with people on Twitter, but that is not like a classic debate or a prolonged exchange. Typically the exchanges are very short in nature. I’d classify them as answered questions or asking questions. That would pretty much allow them to be categorized as questions and answers. People however are spending time reading my archived observations from 2012. I joined Twitter back in March of 2009 and to the best of my knowledge the 6,531 tweets that I have online go back to the start. Maybe I was more interesting back in 2012. That is entirely possible I guess. Anyway, I had stopped archiving all my tweets and I’m not in favor of restarting an archive at this point. The format for sharing content is simply too constrained. Even with the linked way people post tweets now this one single passage of prose would be huge and reading it would be disjointed and in my view undesirable. I’ll just leave this passage of prose right here where it will be safe from being torn asunder. 

During the course of yesterday I got to watch some college football on television. We only have the main broadcast television stations that are available over the air. That did mean that we got a few football games yesterday and today we will have some NFL games that were selected for national broadcast availability. Sports are starting to trickle back in across the channels. It was really strange to see classic games being broadcast on television. We have even been watching a bunch of Stanley Cup playoff games that did not involve the Colorado Avalanche this year. I guess any return to normal routines is welcomed at this point. It has been a very strange year. 

I was sort of hoping that Casey Neistat returned to daily vlogging on YouTube this week. I’m not entirely sure why I watched all the previous daily vlogs from Casey, but they were enthralling, engaging, and easily accessible. The way I watch YouTube videos is not really by suggestion. I have subscribed to a bunch of content creators and I just login in every day and go to my subscription feed:

That includes no real suggestions or anything; it is just a feed of the creators that I have elected to subscribe to and watch content from on a daily basis. This is pretty much how I ended up replacing cable. I replaced it with a never ending stream of content that is way more tailored to the things that I want to watch about traveling, guitars, and technology. Sometimes the videos are about technology for guitars, but mostly they are just pedal or guitar demos.