Writing revisited

This is a recording of my blog from February 13, 2020

Earlier today I opened up the Microsoft Word template I use for writing novels. It has been some time since an actual novel was produced. Right now the outline of one is sitting in a notebook right in front of me. It was written by hand using a fountain pen in a notebook that has not really been used for notes since 2009. One of the things I have wanted to do was get back to keeping an idea book. Some of the things written into that notebook are inevitable false starts. A few of them might be useful or at least somewhat useful journeys into the creation of prose.  

Weblog post: Digital cameras revisited

Writing workflow? Twitter (tweets document) → posts create 

Should I move back to just taking notes online so they are all ready to review in the warm breeze of sunshine? 

It would be pretty easy to just take notes in a word processing document throughout the day. My notes are pretty much observations or things I need to circle back on at some point. This method of taking notes helped me close the circle on a lot of different threads.

Our ability to get to the current state of news around us has become broken. Picking up a newspaper used to bring you so close to glimpse of the current state of the world. It was a view that was at least clear enough to relate to others. News editors curated the state of the world and dished it out daily to read in an ongoing narrative that built a shared tapestry for people to relate and communicate with each other. 

Will big enough news events find an audience? Does big news find people?

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