Writing for 10 meaningful minutes a day

A lot of my time has been spent wondering about the nature of communication across history. Maybe the only real way at the moment to communicate across the span of time is with the written word. Everything else seems to fade away as formats change. Formats will probably change a number of times. Figuring out the final archival format of all thoughts is really an interesting question. It is not the question we are going to dig into today or really any time soon, but it is a reasonably good question. My bet would be on some type of crystal storage technology.  

Please consider for a moment that my thoughts here do not center around art. Art is art. Seriously, art is not the type of communication that defines my creative efforts. Most of what I end up doing centers around communication including the act of writing, creating videos, or maybe taking a few photos. Perhaps that aside was unnecessary or maybe it was just one of those hesitation type moments. From that perspective I do not consider myself to be an artist.  

Here is the premise of the thoughts that are taking up my attention at the moment: “Every single day I need to take the time to write out the meaningful things.” That is, it. That is my complete thought. Period end of discourse. Yeah – you were pretty certain that was not the end of this post. You have the advantage of being able to see the rest of this post. You may have also noticed that the title of this post is called, “Writing for 10 meaningful minutes a day,” which may have also tipped you off to what this missive was going to be about. Sitting down and writing out all the things that need to be said is a noble goal based on a noble purpose. It is centered on the idea that communicating with others has inherent value and should be a path that is pursued. Some of that is probably more esoteric than it should have been, but hey this is a blog post not a stone tablet.  


Albums: Today I listened to the album Grinding Gears by Rabea Massaad on my new Sonos surround sound system. The album sounded epic and I wanted to turn it up louder than my self imposed 65% sound ceiling. 

Media: Earlier it seemed like a good idea to watch a few minutes of season 4 episode 1 from Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda television show that the TiVo recorded. You might recall that episode titled, “Answers Given to Questions Never Asked.” After about 30 minutes I ended up getting distracted. I’ll have to watch the rest later.   

Politics: Today was the day after the mid-term elections. People seemed to be relatively unchanged. Maybe over time some type of change based on the election will be more pronounced. 

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