Writing a little bit more

Ok. 2020 has started and my writing output is lacking so far this year. Starting right now a small amount of time every morning and every evening will be devoted to the fine arts of writing epic prose or at least the creation of semi-muddled stream of consciousness driven prose. Was that last part a pivot against expectations? Potentially, that is why that fork in the road was put down on the page. Instead of thinking that way it would probably have been better to just accept that everyday things will keep getting better as the craft of writing is practiced one post at a time. That is where my head is at right now in this moment. For the most part during my writing journey the things that get put together as part of a weblog post are published almost immediately and very rarely edited after the fact. These posts are pretty much — what you see — is what you get expression of creativity in the moment published just after creation.

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