Words are not arriving on time today

Now would be the time to sit down and write. Unfortunately, words are not arriving on time today. Things should be going well, but at the moment they are not. All you are getting is this false start of a beginning. I keep thinking maybe you can write your way out of initial failure. Maybe that is misguided, but if you write for long enough things twist and turn. It is entirely possible that one of those turns would be enough to ignite the spark of creativity. Within that moment of a new spark it might be just enough to get going. It is times like these that make me want to start a podcast and begin to explain the world in detail. Sure that sounds like tilting at windmills or something to that effect.

Earlier today I watched the announcement online for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone. The phone looked nice enough. The somewhat surprise announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Book S did catch my attention. It did look like a pretty good device. Switching over to that device would mean going back to using Windows as my primary operating system. Over the last few years my primary writing device has been a Chromebook. That is the way I have gone about writing. I’m pretty sure the Google Pixelbook 2 (codename Atlas) will be my next computing device. However, that will require waiting for the announcement of that product to happen.

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