This week the blank page won

Sitting down this morning to write pretty much followed the pattern of the week. Writing has been hard this week. It has been really hard. Neither words nor the spice flowed this week. I’m not entirely sure what happened that slowed me down. Getting back on track to write every day has been as simple as dedicating the start of the day to sitting down and writing. Every day for the last 30 days I have sat down at the start of the day and started to write. From the first sentence you probably already came to the conclusion that the sitting down to write part worked. I did really manage to sit down and engage in an effort to write. Failure occurred at the point of putting words on to the page. This week the blank page won. That is probably a better blog post title than what I was going to go with, “A very slow writing week.”

Interrupted. Breakfast (donuts).

For the last 35 days I have published some content on the weblog. That is a pretty good streak, but it is not to the point of a daily writing habit. Getting to the point of having a daily writing habit will be about the number of daily misses being strongly outweighed by the continued string of action stopping the blank page from winning. Hard stop. Stopping the blank page for winning next week is going to be about focus and dedication to pushing things forward along the path to the perfect possible future.

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