These are the days that inspire words

More thoughts are happening than words these days. I ended up reading this post by Seth Godin. Somehow reading that blog post is probably Om’s fault. It was enough to spark my interest in typing up a few words tonight. That is really all it takes to start the writing process. A small amount of fuel is enough to stoke the writing fire for hours or in this case a few minutes. The screen brightness on this Chromebook has been turned down. Star Trek discovery has been watched and all excuses are pretty much off the table at this point.

So much is happening in the world these days that we really have no excuse not to write. Each day the intersection of technology and modernity becomes clearer. That along should be enough to get things going. Civil society has broken down in ways that were both expected and at the same time apparently unavoidable. Warnings were placed. People engaged in grand thought experiments about the very fabric of our democracy. Warnings and thoughts mixed together and produced a myriad of results. All of that built the foundations of where we are right now at this point in time. A point in time that pretty much compels us to write. We are compelled to put words to the page.

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