The one with an interesting day

I can barely remember writing this quotable sentence, “It takes someone willing to work just beyond the edge of what is possible to accomplish something meaningful.” That one line of prose has influenced my current trajectory. I’m still working on writing every day with a purpose. That one thought from several years ago does highly a purpose to strive toward. However, during the first hour of the morning my thoughts tend to be somewhat scattershot. It takes a few minutes and a cup of coffee to really get going. Striving toward the future without coffee remains truly challenging.

Today should be an interesting day. The weather in Denver, Colorado is beautiful today. The schedule for today appears to have some time set aside to focus on a clear path forward. Several abstracts have been written for conference papers this year. It is much easier to produce a short sketch of an article than to finish writing the article. On a bookshelf, somewhere in this office an idea journal contains tons of article outlines. That journal has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for the last year. All writing has for the most part been transitioned to Microsoft Word documents. Overall, I have been pretty satisfied with my Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Microsoft Word is my primary platform for writing.

Peppercorn the dog with a dolphin



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