Day 89 the one with some Last Dab hot sauce

2018: Day 89 the one with some Last Dab hot sauce
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Dear Reader,

Oh it was a day of snark. Some oddly mercurial folks with a keen wit were out in force today. Sometimes I guess that happens. For a lot of folks it was either the end of a spring break week or the start of a holiday weekend. Either way I figured it was a Friday and tried to look forward to a few moments of peace. Right now at the moment I’m pretty calmly writing some words and listening to a little bit of Pandora. It is about 20:00 hours and the day is mostly gone. Now would be the time to hammer out some thoughts on the keyboard. I’m hearing pretty mixed reviews on the Ready Player one movie. That makes me somewhat sad I guess. It is a movie that I really want to enjoy. Given that movie theater popcorn makes me happy the movie only has to be pretty decent to be acceptable. We will see a ton of reviews this weekend for the movie now that it is out in the wild.

For those of you who have my YouTube video alerts turned today was the day for my Last Dab Carolina Reaper edition review. For some reason, the overlords at YouTube elected to take away my ability to schedule videos. Beyond having monetization ripped away from my channel the schedule video feature is the one that I miss the most. Taking that feature away was arbitrary and capricious. It was simply mean and truly uncalled for. I pretty much consider taking that feature away to be patently ridiculous. So the original Heatonist sold hot sauce from the First We Feast was the Hot Ones sauce. It is zesty and pretty darn good. It has a medium level of heat and I really like it with tater tots. Later they made a sauce called the Last Dab. It included a pepper called Pepper X and it is rated spicy with a 10 out of 10 ranking. My review of the Last Dab featuring Pepper X has been viewed a few thousand times.

Today I went back and revisited the Last Dab hot sauce with Pepper X and paired it with the newly released Last Dab Carolina Reaper edition hot sauce. I can handle the Last Dab with Pepper X it is hot probably due to the primary pepper ingredient having a 3.18 million Scoville unit rating. This might sound strange, but the Last Dab Carolina Reaper edition hot sauce was way more abrasive and heat forward. On a few occasions I have tackled Pepper X and gone back for more. I’m not sure the flavor on the Carolina Reaper edition was enough to bring me back to the table. I’m going to make a video about my top 10 favorite hot sauces. That sounds like a really great plan for a video. I’m sure that will be a project for next week.

Topic 1: Buying some N scale model trains

A few quick eBay searches yielded a few options for buying up some N scale model train parts. It looks like a few engines are for sale on eBay. They are pretty much sold as is and mya or may not work when they arrive. That is really the wildest part about buying vintage or used parts on eBay. With a vinyl record I can generally tell from photographs if it is going to play or if it is turn up beyond any degree of playability. Buying an N scale model train engine is a very different proposition. It could look fantastic and not work. I guess that is the risk associated with buying things at a much lower price than trying to buy new ones. Maybe N scale is not as popular as it used to be or model train parts have just gotten more expensive over time. It was one of those things I thought would be for sale in lots on eBay. I’ll keep looking for a really good lot of trains until my collection gets a little bit out of hand.

Topic 2: Deploying my graphics cards

I’m seriously considering taking my two GTX 1060 graphics cards and moving them from my Storm Stryker case to my new Corsair Air 740 case. I’m wondering how much of a temperature difference that simple movie would make. The fan situation within the Corsair Air 740 case is way better all around. I added a ton of fans to my Storm Stryker case this year. That was enough to allow some cryptocurrency mining to occuring during the last 100 days. That endeavor has been a wild ride. Overall values of bitcoins have gone up and down a ton. Keep in mind that all of my mining efforts have only yielded about 2% of a bitcoin. My real curiosity is just how well the ASUS X299 TUF Mark 1 motherboard will handle the heat. The package indicates that it should handle it pretty well, but that is a test I want to see and evaluate.

Another option would be to pick up some used NVIDIA GTX 1060 founders edition graphics cards on eBay. Strangely enough I sort of thought the dip in bitcoin prices would have results in more graphics cards being sold on eBay. The ones with less than 6 gigabytes of RAM are probably going to end up being sold on the secondary market in large numbers. Those blockchains are not getting smaller every day. They are just getting larger and more computationally intensive. That probably will yield a ton of graphics cards flooding the market at some point. However, unless the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards is an evolutionary leap the cards that end up being sold will be good for gaming, but probably not the best of the best in terms of overall GPU power.

Topic 3: The TensorFlow Dev Summit

I had a chance to catch parts of the TensorFlow Dev Summit today. It will probably take me a good chunk of the weekend to watch the whole event. Some of the day one stuff looked pretty interesting. It gave me some ideas to jump in and work with some different methods of data importation. It is nice to watch or see somebody using the product. Sometimes the easiest way to learn about something is to observe it instead of just trying to read about it. Ok —- my Pandora internet radio station just played me an advertisement in Spanish. That was pretty much uncalled for. I understood some of it, but that does not seem like a properly lined up advertisement.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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