Day 85 the one with a trip to Micro Center

2018: Day 85 the one with a trip to Micro Center
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to 20:00 hours. Today was a day without words. It was a day of software clicks and adventure. Upgrading computer parts is always a ton of restarts and clicks. Today I dropped a new version of Ubuntu Studio and Windows 10 developer preview (they call it inside preview or something now) on my Corsair 740 custom computer build. Strangely enough my Ubuntu Studio build from another computer spent a few minutes thinking and booted with an entirely different hardware setup. Setting up my Windows operating system was a little bit different today. I logged into my Microsoft account and located the inside program. They let me download an ISO, “Windows 10 Client Insider Preview – Build 17115 English.” It took just a bit to download the 4 gigabytes of Windows ISO. Thanks to the power of the Rufus application I was able to drop the ISO on a USB drive and that was that.

The BIOS on the ASUS X299 TUF Mark 1 motherboard worked really well. I was able to very quickly get Ubuntu Studio running and install Windows 10 on the m.2 drive. That is the primary drive the system attempts to boot into by default oddly enough. It took a bit to get all the software installed. The two Western Digital 5,200 RPM hard drives that were installed in the case are louder than i remember them being. It is entirely possible that the fans in the new care are just so silent that the hard drives with actual mechanical parts seem louder than they used to be. That is entirely possible. The Corsair 740 case is also pretty open in design. It is possible that maybe sound just gets out it much more easily than my Storm Stryker case. We made the drive down to Micro Center. It was a decent drive. The drive was preceded by a trip to the train store.

Topic 1: Caboose the Denver train store

Today the trip to the Caboose store was pretty easy to manage. Today was my first trip to the Caboose model train store. It is a very nice store. They have a ton of stuff on the walls and it is all set out spread out pretty well. Some train stores are more or less boxes and shelves. They do not make an effort to arrange things in an artistic way to make them more appealing to customers. Comic book stores are frequently guilty of that. They end up being box and boxes of comics and shome shelving. We had a pretty good time at the train store for about an hour talking about track layouts and designs. We ended up moving from a small circle to an oval track layout. Probably my biggest learning of the day was the price of N scale engines. Spoiler alert —- they are expensive little devices. Some of them were like $400 bucks and the cheapest ones were right around $100 or so. That just seemed a little bit more than I remembered. I may be surfing Ebay for the next few weeks to look for N scale model train engines.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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