Day 73 the one where I got worn out

2018: Day 73 the one where I got worn out
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Dear Reader,

Oh where did the time go today. It is now 20:22 hours and I’m pretty much ready for bed already. This was a day where I flat out got worn out. Traveling yesterday just wiped me out. That happens. My goal here for the night it to write a few words and then go to bed. I really only have another hour before this blog post will be published and out in the wild. Maybe it was the snowstorm that hit Chicago yesterday that made things a little bit wild. Getting in stuck in the airport for a couple hours yesterday was enough to slow me down. Sometimes during the downtime and the waiting things are different. I probably should have gotten some extra snacks yesterday. That might have been the key. Last night I could not get to sleep.

Topic 1: Thumbnail

I sorted through all the photographs that were taken yesterday. The one attached to this blog post was the best photograph that was taken. It really captures the view that captivated me during the flight. It was one of those moments of wonder. Every one of those circles has a story to tell. They are all a part of a farm and they were just so visually striking. Maybe it was just one of those days where looking out the window was more than just looking out the window. It was about imagination and just enjoying watching the landscapes from 35,000 feet.

Topic 2: My mining computer is powered down

It seemed like a good idea to go ahead and power down my mining computer for a couple of days. I was not sure how the third graphics card was going to do in the case. My power supply runs at 850 watts and that should be enough to support all the hardware, but it could have faced some reboots. That was enough for me to power down instead of running the NiceHash mining software to sell hashing power. I’m seriously considering booting up the legacy version of the NiceHash mining software later this week. That would let me run all three graphics cards. Today was one of those days where bitcoin values plummeted. It looks like that downward plunge was related to some decisions from advertisers to block cryptocurrency related advertisements online.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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