Day 67 the one where my Chromebook needed to be charged

2018: Day 67 the one where my Chromebook needed to be charged
Word count 154,601 + 1,010 or 155,611 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

My Chromebook was out of power. Tonight I’m writing on my phone for the next few minutes. This is an exercise is my ability to text. Sure my Google Pixel 2 XL has a decent keyboard. I’m noticing that the auto suggestion function is having some trouble guessing what I will type next. That must mean that my prose is unpredictable. I guess I have that going for me tonight. The USB Type-C cable from ASUS is plugged in to my Chromebook. Pretty soon it will have enough charge to help me write tonight. Trying to hunt and peck on a phone throughout a 3,000 word blog post sounds infuriating. I’m guessing this part of my writing session will yield about 500 words. It will be a decent start to the night, but it will not get me to the finish line.

For some reason, I totally thought that first paragraph was way longer than it was. Tonight things are starting out pretty late in the process. It is already 20:04 hours and my writing plan is pretty much to try to leg out as many words as possible in the next 56 minutes. The problem with that plan is that tonight is a night where I’m tired and not really passionate about anything. I guess maybe the rest of these words could be dedicated to the University of Kansas Jayhawks playing in the Big 12 tournament today. Sure that could take up a good bulk of space in this blog post, but I’m not really feeling like that is what will get my attention tonight. It is entirely possible that I’m only going to make it 1/3 the way to the goal tonight. This might be a short little 1,000 word essay about the nature of figuring things out. It could be about the process of muddling through when sleep is the only thing that seems to resonate.

Tomorrow with any luck my new motherboard will arrive. Maybe that will be enough to entertain me tomorrow and inspire some words about what an the build quality. I’m trying to wean myself off using Amazon to buy things. That has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’m pretty much over paying a corporate tax on every good to Amazon. To that end I’m engaging in commerce with local companies and buying things in person whenever possible. That is probably not the easy way to go about doing things. I requested a report from Amazon of every item purchased from 2006 to current. That should be interesting. I probably don’t really want to know my lifetime spend total for Amazon purchases. My first attempt to run the report failed. It is running again right now and it says that I’ll get an email when it completes. Oh the suspense… of waiting for that total spend number.

My opening vignette today is lacking a few words. Maybe I should refocus my efforts and try to write something a little bit different for tonight. Right now I’m listening to the deluxe version of the Weezer album known as the Blue Album (1994). The album pretty much matches my mood for the evening. Today was one of those days where things just did not move along. Maybe I have a little bit of a cold or maybe things are just not progressing at the rate I would expect. I’m pretty sure that it has to do with having some type of allergies. That is probably my fault for not taking my over the counter allergy pill. Being healthy enough not to have to take any daily pill seemed exciting enough to forgo even an allergy pill. In hindsight that was probably misguided. The snow melting outside is probably what is causing a general malaise and fogginess.

Topic 1: Amazon poorly coded that report order history report screen

Sometimes you have to wonder about how and why Amazon designers do things. I tried to run a report of every one of my purchases from 2006 to current twice tonight. Both time the report failed. They did not email me or make any not of their failure. It just says failed on the screen. If the report has a known limitation, then just check the pull vs. the limit and notify the end user that the report is not possible. That is just terrible coding. Whoever was in charge of conducting unit testing and regression on that interface failed the end user. You can probably tell from my tone on that one that I find it highly annoying they would present the option and then fail so miserably.

Topic 2: Rounding out 1,000 words for the night

This last topic section will push this post over 1,000 words for the night. That is somewhat of an accomplishment given my general state of creativity at the moment. I spent some time today looking at mesh routing for WiFi systems. Our current wireless router is pretty decent, but it has some coverage gaps in the house. It looks like a ton of pretty decent mesh routing systems exist for providing home wireless internet coverage patterns. Maybe getting a bunch of these mesh devices could be a good move. I started to purchase the Google WiFi devices, but in the back of my mind I wondered if they are going to release a new version. The current version was released back in 2016. That makes me feel like a new version should be arriving sometime soon. However, figuring out the Google hardware development schedule is like throwing darts and finding meaning from where they hit.

The thumbnail for tonight is a photo of a stuffed animal version of a Vancouver Island Marmot. I’m hopeful that it made you smile and brought joy to your day. I think that is what it is supposed to do based on the design. It is a joy marmot.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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