Day 64 the one with some fun and a return to Soylent

2018: Day 64 the one with some fun and a return to Soylent
Word count 150,425 + 1,003 or 151,428 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Early this morning I did get my Google Home Mini setup in the family room. That device is not ready to control my Chromecast Ultra device by voice. My Chromecast Ultra connects to my Sony Bravia television via an HDMI interface. I gave it a couple tests using Google Play Music and YouTube TV. The voice integration is pretty decent and can do a variety of things. Maybe it would be more prudent to write about this interaction in the abstract. I could try to write about it in more detail. I’ll give it another try…

That wheel looking Google Chromecast Ultra was plugged into my Sony Bravia television some time ago. It had a built in HDMI dongle and a power cable port. Stretching back behind my television all the way to the uninterruptible power supply the power cable was plugged in. That Chromecast Ultra has worked some of the time and other times it failed. It had to be restarted a lot. My Google Home Mini had been sitting in my office on a shelf. It had been unplugged and sitting spooled up. I grabbed it from the shelf and carried it to the family room. I sat it on the television stand and turned back on the microphone. Apparently, some time back I had turned off the microphone on the device. Plugging in the device just required leaning back behind the television and locating an open plug on the uninterruptible power supply. That was easy enough. I connected it to my home network and used the Google Home application on my Google Pixel 2 XL to configure everything. It just took me a couple minutes to ask the device to play a couple channels from YouTube TV.

That examination provided a little bit more detail, but it was not enough to really tell the story. I had wondered if the Google Home Mini could control either my TiVo Roamio or my Xbox One S. SImply controlling my Chromecast Ultra was not enough to really have any degree of home automation. It would be much easier to enable voice control using the Google Home Mini. A press release from the folks over at TiVo from earlier this year indicated that I may be able to control my TiVo using my Google Home Mini pretty soon.

Topic 1: Soylent

My order of Soylent has shipped. Today for both breakfast and lunch I consumed Soylent meal replacement drinks. It seems to have worked out well enough. My new diet also appears to be working. That diet success has been good news. My interests in figuring out a better method to get a highly nutritious breakfast has been successful.

Topic 2: A short story

My thoughts had stretched out beyond the outline of a short story. For some reason at the moment my thoughts are writing a short story are more effective than actual writing a short story. Maybe it would be easier to just spend the rest of the night writing a short story about being on the road between California and Kansas City. At the moment I could almost see the journey in my mind it might just be a derivative work based on the novel, “On the road” (1957). That novel written by Jack Kerouac over 50 years ago was informative. People really enjoyed it. My short story will probably not fall into that camp. It may be informative and describe the human condition, but it will not be the same as that effort written 50 years ago. It could not be the same. My experiences are very different. These times are different. A lot of things have changed in the last fifty years.

Topic 3: My Parker IM fountain pen

My Studio RTA desk has worked well enough. The tempered glass top held a fountain pen case. A basic 20 pen nylon case had been sitting my right Audioengine A5+ speaker. For the last few days my Parker IM fountain pen had been resting. It had been sitting on the desk. Earlier today I checked the Parker fountain pen converter with a standard twist fill. It was empty enough. My Parker IM fountain pen had to be filled. Even filling it from an inkwell took a little bit of effort. I grabbed a piece of old mail from my desk and started to work the nib. It took just a little bit of alcohol and a cleaning cloth to get the pen going again. The process required drawing some zig zags on the scrap paper. After a minute or so it was possible to draw a few parallel lines on the paper. That effort allowed the Parker IM fountain pen to be ready to write again. At some point using and maintaining a fountain pen had become a part of my routine. Overall my Parker IM fountain pen with a medium nib has been working well enough. I have pretty much given up using all my other fountain pens and have just used the one pen for the last year.

Topic 4: Rounding out the night

Tonight just might be a night that ends in just 1,000 words of writing effort. For some reason, my writing effort tonight seems to be lacking. Maybe it is my fault for listening to the end of this audiobook. I know that listening to an audiobook does not do me in favors in the writing department. Even rounding out the night will take some effort. My thumbnail for today has the moon in the distance. It made me smile.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. Today seems like it had to fall a bit short. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it did happen again this month. My overall writing productivity has fallen shorter and shorter. Maybe that is a combination of my efforts and the weight of the challenge.

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