Day 53 the one with some snow and some Soylent

2018: Day 53 the one with some snow and some Soylent
Word count 133,254 + 1,002 or 134,256 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Well things are going along this week. My words per day pace is still lagging behind. I’m now replacing both breakfast and lunch with Soylent powdered meal replacement cocoa flavored shakes. That endeavor has been going swimmingly. My new BlenderBottle ProStak System bottle has been working well. My current plan is to keep replacing every meal except dinner with Soylent. We will see how long that lasts, but it seems to be a good plan at the moment. It is a solid working plan. A plan that helps save me a few minutes per meal. Like a lot of the folks that first start drinking Soylent products I have felt more alert, had a higher level of energy, and maybe a higher degree of focus. I’m curious to see how long that feeling lasts. I know that the nutriationaly the mix is different than what i normally consume day to day.

It has snowed just a little bit today. Enough to remind me that it is winter, but not enough to really change anything. That is how my day has gone. Enough has happened to remind me that it was a day, but nothing has really changed. That is for better or worse how a lot of days end up going. My plan is to figure things out tonight. It is going to be a very long night and probably an even longer day tomorrow. That is just how it is going to end up going. Nothing is going to change that at this point. Maybe the long night will give me enough time to really hammer out a solid 3,000 word post or maybe a couple of them. Something has to change at this point. My level of writing productivity is not up to par and it is bringing sadness to my otherwise extremely positive world.

My outlook on things has always been very positive. I really do believe that staying positive and trying to see the potential in things is a better way to go about each day than the alternative. A negative cycle of expectations and experiences just seems to be less fun. It seems like something that should be avoided and maybe if you have the power to focus one way or the other it is something that should be shunned. That might seem harsh. Maybe it is a harsh thing to consider. Shunning negativity is really not that bad of a philosophy to adopt. You might figure out that the power of a stop doing list is really something you want to have in your tool kit. That is a power that just might help you focus in on stopping any predilection or impulse to engage in wholesale negativity. That is something that is 100% on my stop doing list.

Sometimes it is just better to focus on having a positive outlook and bend the universe toward that positive plan. Yeah —- I know that getting overly focused on predicting a perfect possible future could be problematic. A lot of variables exist. Figuring out how to strive forward into a perfect possible future may seem impossible. The question would be how to enjoy each moment in a positive way. Making sure each moment remains positive is one of the best and easiest ways to clear a path toward that perfect possible future. At some point you just end up making being positive a habit. That is a winning habit that brings joy to things. That has to be a good thing to focus your efforts and attention on.

Today will be another day of falling short in terms of word count. It looks like things are shaping up to end the day here with another 1,000 word blog post. Tomorrow however could be the day that things get back on track. I had thought that things were back on track a few days ago, but that turned out not to be the case. Things just got wild. That happens from time to time. This week was a blur. It happened. I’m pretty sure about that, but at the same time some of the moments that passed should have been seized to greater advantage.

The thumbnail for today’s blog post is of the power cable that made me wonder. I had stared at all the modular power cables that came with my new power supply. It was a process to sort through everything looking to see if a 4 pin cable connector existed for the motherboard CPU. You can tell from the thumbnail that the cable actually splits from 8 pins to a pair of 4 pin connectors. That is one of those awesome things that technology allows. It is also one of those things that when you figure it out you smile and think that is slick. You also look back on the moments of frustration up until that realization as unnecessary. These new Corsair modular cables are actually pretty slick. You can see from the phone that they are all individually woven vs. the ribbon cables of the past. They look pretty good in the case. Getting a good power supply these days is hard enough. It appears that a real shortage exists out in the marketplace of high capacity computer power supplies.

It is now time to catch a short nap before jumping into the rest of the night. You can probably expect this post to publish at 22:22 tonight. By that time I’ll be back up and writing. This will just be a little power nap to get me going again for a night of fun and adventure. Ok —- it will just be a night of sitting in my office chair, but within the bounds of imagination it could be a real adventure i guess. That is how I’m going to elect to look at it.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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