Day 52 the one where I started eating Soylent

2018: Day 52 the one where I started eating Soylent
Word count 132,196 + 1,058 or 133,254 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Sometimes writing can be a struggle. These last two weeks have been a struggle. Sitting down to write 3,000 words requires a certain amount of time. That has just not worked out. I need to get better about managing my time. One of the ways I have been trying steal back a few moments is changing up my diet. It was pretty easy to order a couple pounds of a meal replacement powder. This week a tub with 2.3 pounds of Soylent Meal Replacement Powder in the Cacao flavor arrived at the front door. So far three meals have been replaced with a 200 calorie scoop of Soylent powder. The cacao flavor was a good call. It is not the greatest thing I have ever had for breakfast, but it is acceptable. I got this wild sharker contraption that has an angry metal blender ball inside it. Shaking up the Soylent mix is key to the whole process.

My next Soylent adventure will be replacing my breakfast routine with the Cafe Coffiest Soylent Meal Replacement Drink. I can get a case of 12 bottles that each contain 400 calories packed into 14 ounces of beverage. The bottles are a little bit different of a commitment. The powder allows me to drink 200 calories at a time vs. going up to 400. I prefer to have a small, but powerful breakfast. The Soylent mix version 1.9 was something that I could consume and tolerate without any problems. At the moment, I think it would be possible to replace both breakfast and lunch with Soylent. On the brighter side it is vegan so that is exciting. Not thinking about what to eat or having to prepare food should save me about twenty minutes a day. That time is going to be put straight back into my writing. I say that and it didn’t happen today. That twenty minutes I saved was sucked back into other things.

Avoiding the tyranny of tiny tasks is one thing. I’m an avid believer in the power of the stop doing list and even that could not save me today. The pile of things was just a little bit bigger than my pile of answers. That is even being powered by the nutritional balance of Soylent powder. The day was enhanced with some tunes from Warren Zevon. I even managed to try to get a few other people to listen to some Warren Zevon albums. At least that good work was done today. I mean that has to count for something in the grand scheme of things. Spreading the word of the greatness of Warren Zevon has to count as an accomplishment. Strangely enough it doesn’t really add any word count to my day. The only thing that counts as words is words. That might seem simple enough to write and simple enough to read, but no substitute exists for good clean writing.

Tonight I’m writing real time and posting real time. You are pretty much reading a stream of consciousness write after the writing session where it occurred. For that you are welcome and I hope that you get to enjoy it. My writing is a reflection of my thoughts at the moment. The words pretty much just rain down as the thoughts happen. I have trained myself to think and writing at the same time in one fluid process of thought and typing. Sometimes my mind wonders in the middle of writing a sentence or two, but I make every effort to bring my efforts back to writing with a single minded purpose completely focused on the the challenge at hand. That challenge is simple. Writing 3,000 words or accept the failure of falling short. I’m going to write tonight until the clock strikes 22:22 and then this is posting no matter how many words have been written. That is the way of things this evening.

Here shortly this blog post is going to reach the 1,000 word threshold. That is really the bare minimum of what I’m willing to produce. Anything less than that is just a reflection of complete and total failure. I have to say after three meal replacements with Soylent out of the last 4 meals I feel pretty good and my energy level is decent. I’m tired, but that is more or less a reflection of how much has has to be done in the week. Next week is going to be even worse. It is going to be one of those weeks that tests my willingness to write and produce. It will be one of those strive forward or slip backward moments. I’m not going to call it a dare to be great situation, but the struggle to write 3,000 words per day will be real. I’m going to need to wake up early and write 1,000 words before the day really starts. That nightly session of 2,000 words is possible and should be sustainable.

Topic 1: My computer struggles

Back in 2016 my last computer build went well enough. I took a trip to Micro Center. That drive takes about an hour. It was pretty easy to pick out a motherboard, RAM, CPU, and my first Corsair CPU water cooler. I got them home and put all the parts together. The water cooler was the part that took the longest. It was not difficult to work with it was just difficult to screw in the longer connection points at the top of the case. It was really just physically hard to get things connected in the case. It was really an easy build. I used the xdock to swap in and out operating systems. It worked great. To be fair it is still working just fine.

My latest computer build is just not going as well. This failed motherboard just bummed me out. It was really deflating and somewhat annoying. I know that the motherboard should have been stored better. It should have been treated a lot better. That is on my and I know that my things were not treated with the respect they deserved. That is a lesson learned. I should not have assumed that I was done with that old motherboard and moved on from it.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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