Day 47 the one where my power supply finally shipped

2018: Day 47 the one where my power supply finally shipped
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Dear Reader,

Today was one of those quirky days. That new 1394 firewire card arrived today. A different FedEx driver delivered it today. This drive did not wave at me. The packaging for it was intense. The box was almost popping open from all these green airpods inside of it. The card itself was nothing to write home about. Or in this case to describe in painstaking detail. It was your standard 1394 firewire 2 port PCI express card. Installation was a breeze. I crawled under my desk and slid the side panel off my Storm Stryker case. My entire mining rig had to be powered down to accomplish this task. Both of my GTX 1060 cards were offline for about 30 minutes. Installing the PCI express card and anchoring it with a thumbscrew was pretty easy.

Windows 10 immediately picked up the card, prepared the hardware, and it was ready to go. Apparently, I had placed the original firewire cable in the case with my Sony DCR-TRV140 camcorder. It was a smart move to put the wire in the case. I’m not sure why it seemed like a good idea, but I searched Amazon for that model. It turns out that 6 different sellers are still making used versions of this product available to consumers for over $100.00. Some refurbished models are selling for over $200.00. I’m not entirely sure that the old Sony will be able to offload all 31 tapes that I have. Everything worked out straight away. That Sony software that I downloaded the other day detached the camcorder via the firewire and was ready to do a 1 click import of the entire tape.

I was able to import 4 whole tapes today. They appear to hold about 1 hour of content per tape. The Sony software rewinds the tape and then imports until it hits 10 seconds of blank tape. The first four tapes were pretty easy to export. I just dropped them into the camcorder and hit import. My export drive can hold about 2 terabytes worth of video. Each tape needs about 12 gigabytes of space to offload. That means that if all 31 tapes have content on them this could eat up about 372 gigabytes of space. Overall that won’t be a problem. For some reason the software imports the files as some type of AVI file. The saddest part of the whole endeavor is just how small the video looks on my 4K monitor.

At the time, I remember thinking that camcorder recorded pretty decent video. That seems like so long ago now. This content appears to be standard definition video. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with the video beyond offloading it to a storage drive vs. leaving it to inevitably suffer from magnetic degreditation. Some of the tapes are over 10 years old. Keep in mind this thing recorded at a resolution of 720 x 480 and was first available on Amazon April 1, 2002. That was a long time ago. Pretty soon it will be 16 years ago. It is fairly amazing that the tapes are still working and that the device is able to just keep on going. The folks at the Sony Corporation in 2002 were not messing around when it came to building with quality. I’m not sure my Google Pixel 2 XL could survive and still be working 16 years after the release date.

We have seen some huge changes in technology in that time. The first two tapes that exported were of some Iron Chef type home competitions. I had forgotten that we used to challenge other teams and have home chef edition of Iron Chef. That really was a thing. People challenged other people to culinary competitions. Of all the things that happened during my college years that seems to be one of the more endearing escapades. I’m very curious to see what sort of things are on the 31 tapes. It is entirely possible that not all the tapes are capable of playing in the Sony DCR-TRV140 camcorder. It pretty much only plays Digital8 tapes. I know that my original camcorder was purely analog and used small tapes. The model number has long since disappeared from my memory. It has been years since I even thought about thinking about that device.

Topic 1: My power supply shipped

Waiting on that backordered 1000w Corsair power supply had been painful. The website indicated that the device shipped in about 1 to 2 weeks. That seemed ok. I was willing to wait it out. After two full weeks passed, I gave up on waiting and started searching out other options. Today was the day that a Corsair 850 watt power supply was in stock. I elected to cancel my backorder power supply order and just have the one that was in stock shipped. That means that today was the day that my power supply finally shipped. You might be wondering why 850 watts did not seem like enough. My Corsair 740 case build would support 2 to 3 graphics cards. Some of the new cards seem to require more than 250 watts. I’m hopeful that the new NVIDIA VOLTA artificial intelligence architecture will require less power. A ton of rumors online are suggesting that this new NVIDIA GPU architecture will be more powerful and require less power. That would be a ridiculous thing to write except for the fact that the Pascal architecture changed the game a couple years ago.

I’m kind of curious if the power supply will have the right cable for the older micro ATX motherboard that is hanging out in what I’m calling The Borg Cube case. It will probably work out well enough and things should be ok. Now that the power supply is on the way it seemed like a good idea to start picking the right operating system. A few linux distributions exist that are focused on cryptocurrency mining. I could go with my prefered Ubuntu Studio distribution or maybe load up an operating system preloaded with cryptocurrency mining software. Neither of my computers are really built for mining. They are just setup to support 2 to 3 graphics cards for deep learning and Tensorflow. The whole mining thing as it stands right now might be a fad that will pass. Blockchain technology however is probably going to stand the test of time. Some of the use cases are really pretty good.

Topic 2: Reflection

My interest in watching really old video tapes is about reflection on an earlier time. Sometimes looking back is easier than looking forward. It is one of those things that is going to take a lot of time to watch so many videos.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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