Day 205 the one with a new Pixel 2 XL phone case

2018: Day 205 the one with a new Pixel 2 XL phone case

Dear Reader,

Today was going to be a day when I wrote something interesting. Not the day I wrote something interesting. Just a day of writing something interesting. Sure enough that did not really happen. In fact it appears that I leaned into the opposite of interesting and wrote a post about smartphone cases. If you enjoy that type of musing, then this blog post is really tailored to provide you a certain degree of enjoyment.

Back on October 5, 2017 I ordered a Pixel 2 XL smartphone. Today a new case for that phone arrived. This time around it was a Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone Google Pixel 2 XL case. Clearly listed in the features were flexible inner protection and some reinforced hard bumper frames. It seems like a pretty sturdy, decent, and reasonably secure case. I elected to get the kinda blue colored case. This new case is replacing my Caseology Parallax Series Slim Protective Dual Layer Cover Geometric Design case in navy blue. Sure that is a lot of detail to say that I now have a brand new case for my phone that is less than a year old.

Overall I have been very happy with our Pixel phone cases from Caseology. This new herringbone case just seemed to be aesthetically pleasing. The reviews had said that the new Spigen case would be hard to put on the phone and difficult to remove. Those reviews were true and observations were true. The case fits very tightly and is difficult to remove. That is not really a big problem. I do not take the case off my phone very often. Really the only time that that the case ever gets removed is if the phone is overheating from being outdoors.

Throughout the week I have been increasingly interested in reading about the pending Pixel 3 XL release. Getting a new phone is pretty exciting. One of my real weaknesses is always wanting the newest smartphone when it comes out. Over the years I have always wanted to have the best possible phone on the market. Having three different generations of Pixel phones is something that will probably be pretty exciting. Google appears to be releasing a phone every year vs. every two years. That pace will probably cause my smartphone collection to grow pretty rapidly.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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