Day 191 the one with more thoughts on repeaters

2018: Day 191 the one with more thoughts on repeaters

Dear Reader,

A lot of time and energy are spent trying to capture attention. Capturing even a small percent of the public mind at any time is a Herculean feat. Truly it is one of those challenges that just keeps getting harder. Earlier today I spent some time working on a Coursera class titled, “Serverless Data Analysis with Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow.” Overall it was my 8th class from the Google Cloud team on Coursera. Each of them captures my attention in total for a few hours. Alright — maybe some of them captured most of my attention. Machine learning and artificial intelligence in general have been hot topics, but they have only captured a small percentage of the attention defined within the idea of the public mind. Figuring out what the attention of the people is focused on is a difficult thing to capture to begin with. Things bubble up and sometimes things capture the attention of a large population.

Every day that I have been at home since 2006 has involved being able to enjoy the mountain views of the great State of Colorado. That realization was a pleasant moment of reflection and a reminder to appreciate the greatness of natural splendor. Like I said it has been a day of reflection. Maybe a combination of the lake views and a lot of computer labs was enough to make me ponder things. That is something that is great in spurts. Being a reflective practitioner is a great way to go about engaging in deep learning and an equivalent level of understanding. None of that helps me write better or more epic blog posts, but it does help me dig a little bit deeper into the world around me and that is an awfully good way to go about things.

Within one of the slides today the instruction was talking about a new specialization for learning Tensorflow. Strangely enough I ended up getting a no results found for my search on, “advanced machine learning with tensorflow on GCP”. The slide from today noted that was the next specialization that I should consider for learning about machine learning with Tensorflow at a deeper level. Obviously, that seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, but it does not appear like that next set of courses is out in the wild yet. I’m sure it will be out in the wild soon enough and I will be able to enjoy that next batch of 5 courses on Coursera.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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