Day 185 the one with the 4th of July and a trip to the Zoo

2018: Day 185 the one with the 4th of July and a trip to the Zoo

Dear Reader,

My writing has become somewhat conflicted. Throughout the year I have wanted to engage in huge writing projects. You could describe it as the epic creation of weighty tomes. My level of focus and dedication to the craft of writing on a daily basis did not support that type of production. Part of the conflict was based around what to produce and how to produce it. Throughout the course of this year. This year is over half way done and I’m really getting bogged down with a series of technology related rabbit holes.

For example:

Both of my desktop computers sport the 4000 model of the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard. Microsoft has released a newer version of it that is wireless and had a better more awesome design aesthetic. You are probably right about the relative necessity of buying a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard to replace my current one. I’m guessing that my current keyboard will last for several more years. It is entirely possible it might last for a decade. It is wired and the keys are in pretty good shape. Nobody outside of this office has ever used either of those keyboards. Sure that probably means that they are in prime operating condition for years of typing. In some ways that is enough of a reason to not need to purchase the Sculpt edition of the keyboard.

That example was probably enough of an example to set the stage as to what exactly keeps pulling me down technology created rabbit holes. Some type of technology will catch my eye. Over the course of a few minutes or a few hours I’ll start to learn about it, to research it, or maybe to even watch pointless videos related to it on YouTube.

We are about to head out to the zoo. Today was one of those days where the zoo was very empty. Only a few folks elected to celebrate independence day at the zoo. We were listening to the radio and somebody was talking about being a champion of things. It was on of those moments where i wondered about being a better champion of things. I’m a champion for a stronger civil society. I believe the fabric that holds us together creating a degree of civility works. That fabric at the moment is strained in parts and might have a few tears. Maybe I need to return to my roots and spend some time every day writing about civility and civil society.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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