Day 178 the one with some new socks

2018: Day 178 the one with some new socks

Dear Reader,

Today was going to be the day that I wrote something meaningful. My ASUS Flip C101P was fully charged and nothing was really standing in my way. Perhaps some degree of self-censorship still lingers in my writing. That is a hard thing to shake. Outside of that standard problem things started off well enough. Maybe it was the day that I should have returned to a daily blogging routine from years gone bye. For better or worse at times I blogged intermittently throughout the day. Writing in that way one bit at a time is something that has been completely foreign from my routines in the last decade. Most of my writing these days happens in one major lesson of production. Some days maybe have two writing sessions. On rare occasions maybe that stretches out to three writing sessions. That would be the absolute maximum. Sure the title of the blog post today probably gave it away. This post is not about writing or the best of prose. This post is about socks. Or at least this post is about the arrival of some new socks. That is essentially what happened today. After being inundated with advertisements from Bombas socks I gave in and ordered a few pairs. None of them have been tested yet, but they are now resting in a drawer waiting for tomorrow.

Bombas socks in a drawer
Bombas socks in a drawer

It seemed like a really good idea to purchase a Samsung 128GB FIT USB 3.0 Flash Drive for my Chromebook. Sales can make something look pretty darn tempting. It arrived this week and is plugged into my Chromebook, but I have no idea what it is going to be used for. My Chromebook simply does not need that much extra storage. Maybe loading my music collection to the drive or something like that would be the best way to utilize the storage space.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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