Day 175 the one where I snapped a scenic photograph

2018: Day 175 the one where I snapped a scenic photograph

Dear Reader,

Today my blog post will be a little bit shorter. Writing today has not been my priority. A couple walks happened today. Two episodes of season two of Northern Exposure caught my attention. That show really has grown on me over the years. Today was one of those days. On a walk just outside the house I snapped a rather scenic photograph. This week we have watched a hay baler clear the fields before the 4th of July. Attached to this blog post is a thumbnail of one hay bale sitten below a sky of clouds. My Pixel 2 XL camera is pretty good, but it could not capture the moment. Most of my writing is really just a conversation with myself. Last week I put some new stickers on my ASUS C101P. Really for the first time in my long history with technology I started putting stickers on one of my laptops. It was not a true Windows laptop. This writing device is a pure Chromebook setup in the beta software mode.

a scenic photograph of clouds
a scenic photograph of clouds

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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