Day 131 the one with where I worked on some weekend planning

2018: Day 131 the one with where I worked on some weekend planning

Dear Reader,

Talk about an epic failure on my part. All of the pieces were in place to fully publicize my blog post yesterday. It turns out that I forgot to enable the Path and Tumblr posting options. Today will be the first time that all the publicize options are actually selected. I’m not entirely sure it will make a bit different, but it will be happening today. It was one of those days where a few moments of planning would have trumped an of the false starts or failed plan executions. Sure that might be a little bit overblown. Somehow it just seems about right at the moment. My plans for the weekend are pretty undefined at the moment. Maybe having a rather open schedule for the weekend is what I need to move some things forward. We could also go and buy some mulch for the backyard and do some work outside this weekend. That sounds like a relatively fun thing to do or at least something that would be interesting.

Yesterday was the first day since buying a Casper pillow that I researched how to fluff the pillow. On the website it seems to indicate that every day is a day that the pillow should receive some degree of fluffing. It may not be the right pillow for me. Maintaining a daily routine that involves messing with a pillow is probably not something that is going to happen. Today is day 131 of this whole big year of writing extravaganza. I did breakdown and pay for one month of the Pandora internet radio streaming service. Overall my goal is to reduce my use of subscription services. This one snuck back into my life and it is probably directly based on my interest in listening to music. That is and probably always will be a part of my day.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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