Day 13 the one where I thought about my top 5 favorite non-science fiction television shows

2018: Day 13 of 365 writing 3,000 words per day
Word count 35,082 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Here in the next few minutes I will be off to FedEx to send back a graphics card that ran into some mechanical problems. One of the blades broke on a graphics card fan. It was actually a rather scary moment. For just a moment I thought maybe the water pump on my CPU water cooling device had gone haywire. Imagine crunching sounds from your computer and fear. On the brighter side of things, the process for sending back the card was pretty simple. It took me one phone call to work out all the details and figure out all the fine print items. Seriously, it took me a minute to read all the return documentation and figure out what was going on. My guess is that the graphics card must have taken some damage during shipping and the fan was loose or a little bit off and it just wore down and failed. Something like that happened. I’m just glad it happened during a block of time when I was in my office. I’m sure it would have shut down based on a heart fault at some point, but that is not really a theory I ever want to test.

Using the same box the graphics card arrived in seemed like a good idea. In terms of today’s reduce, reuse, and recycle theme that covers the reuse part. The box can can also be recycled at some point. The box I had received was bigger than it needed to be. Overall the bottom of the box fit the graphics card pretty well, but it was about a foot taller than it needed to be. For shipping purposes they had filled it up with all sorts of these green air filled plastic bubbles. Each one was like the size of a soda can when inflated. The box was full of a bunch of them and they were here for a bit and now they are back on their way to California. I was tempted to just ask for a refund on the graphics card versus a replacement, but the other card is working so well that I figured maybe it was just a manufacturing defect or shipping damage.

Today was one of those days that I just wanted to watch Northern Exposure and think about living in a small town somewhere in Alaska. Sending graphics cards around and waiting for things to be shipped reminded me of some elements of the show. People were always asking about and waiting for things to arrive. It really was one of my favorite shows of all time. Maybe today will be the day that I start to examine my favorite television shows in some kind of detail. That may be a hard thing to rationalized without bifurcating the list between science fiction and non-science fiction. That probably is the right way to go about the process of classification. It will also help me generate two different blog posts this year. I’m adding a post about my top ten favorite science fiction television shows to the list below. Yeah that just happened. It was a pretty meta moment. We just evaluated the process of future posts and how to generate more content in the same paragraph.

Topic 1: My top 5 favorite non-science fiction television shows

Even thinking about making a top 5 list gives me pause. I have made a ton of them after watching the movie High Fidelity (2000). John Cusack delivers them in a way that is probably better than what I could muster. Assuming they would not let me narrate my own autobiography audiobook I would want John Cusack to be the narrator. My backup narrator choice if you were interested would probably be Kelsey Grammer. Maybe at some point this weblog will deliver into a top choices for audiobook narrators. We are already more than halfway to a top 5 if throwing my hat in the ring is acceptable. That is really how top 5 lists can go from interesting to ridiculous in a matter of a few keystrokes.

We should probably get back to the task at hand and write about the topic at hand. Your top 5 list has has to be written in the moment. Everything on the list should be true to the moment. Things should be added without restraint or self-censorship. All of that being true and all things being equalled out at the moment making this list might not have been the best idea. Somehow I’m sure that things are being forgotten within the list. A top 10 list would give me more room to include some obvious fan favorites. However, that is not how the game is played. The game in this case is played very simply. Write a top 5 list. No regrets. No retreat. No surrender…

1. Northern Exposure (1990 to 1995)
2. The X-Files (1993 to 2002)
3. Frasier (1993 to 2004)
4. The West Wing (1999 to 2006)
5. House (2004 to 2012)

Keep in mind that the aforementioned top 5 list is entirely based on personal preference and does not have anything to do with anything other than my thoughts at the moment. That last comment really failed the test enumerated at the end of the last true paragraph. As if by some turn of fate at this very moment Captain Pickles our 7 month old rescue puppy is chasing a tail in a circle. That tail may very well be connected to Captain Pickles the dog. It will probably not end well. This time it just ended with the dog on the floor looking up at me like something great had just happened. That is not how I feel about the first sentence of this paragraph. I should just own up to my top 5 list and note that it was my words and yes it happened.

They really should have figured out a way to make more episodes of Northern Exposure. It is one of those shows that Netflix or somebody could pick up and make a few more episodes or reboot it with some seeded original characters. I know it would never have the magic of those first two seasons, but that is how it works. It is a show that had no special effects or complex camera work. Somebody could probably boot up a Northern Exposure like show on YouTube. If that already exists and I have just missed out on it, then please drop a comment of send me a message on Twitter.

My online presence is a little out of control these days you should be able to figure out how to send me a message. Writing top 5 lists and posting them on the internet is probably not the best use of my time and effort. However, all work and no play makes for a boring weblog. To that end this top 5 list probably shows a little bit about my interests. Oddly enough only one of those shows was recent. None of my favorites from HBO made the list this time. That is obviously due to the fact they did not fall in the top 5. No shows from streaming services or even YouTube made the list. That just happens to be the way of things. Part of my judgements about what made the list and what did not had a lot to do with the shows i would watch over and over again.

It would be hard to quantify just how many episodes of the X-Files I have watched. That show has been in syndication forever. Writing a top 5 that includes science fiction television shows will be very difficult. It would pretty much be an effort to stack rank awesomeness by degree. I recall people talking about the West Wing and encouraging me to watch the series. I’m afraid that did not happen in a timely manner. I arrived to the party very late and watched the show in binge fashion from Netflix. I’m sure watching the characters unfold slowly added to the drama and the effect the show had on people.

Topic 2: My Nespresso Expert machine

I’m still using my Nespresso Expert espresso making machine by Breville. Tonight the weekend begins and I had a shot of vanilla flavored espresso. Yeah i’m still talking about the vanilla pods. The sleeve contains 10 of them so you can imagine they will keep making apparences. The best part of the espresso machine is that I have not had an energy drink this week. Avoiding those things is one of my new year resolutions. The sugar alone is something that is probably wreaking havoc on my diet and system.

You probably thought I was about to ramble on about Northern Exposure for at least 3,000 words. That would be a good use of some words, but that is not where we are going today. Tonight is just one of those nights that things are on tilt. Dealing with complex computer problems always has a way of just disrupting my evening, day, or really whenever they happen. For the most part with graphics cards and other computer parts I bitterly expect to be able to plug them in and have them work forever. That is not a rational statement. Things break and electronics do not last forever.

Topic 3: A few musings

I’m falling behind on my writing goals this week. Two factors are probably contributing to that situation. First, I need to manage my time better and focus on writing in spurts instead of trying to force one 3,000 word epic writing session. Most of my writing sessions contribute about 1,000 words so trying to produce more than double that is probably not realistic. Second, I have to focus on having one good morning writing session for about 1,000 words to help break up the struggle to write. I know that this should not be a struggle it should be a process that helps inspire and encourage me to improve as a writer.

I’m sure some of my weblog posts this year have been a little better than others. That is not a function of editing or anything like that. It is just a function of good focused purposeful writing. As you can probably tell by now I can run laps around nonsense and produce a lot of prose. Some of it useful and other sections that need some work. That is how it goes and how it will be for the rest of the year.

Topic 4: That half way point

Maybe telling some stories would help at this point. That could be the case. Some type of observations or insights might very well push things forward here. Striving toward that elusive something might help. Maybe it is all about the nature of building things. Taking up the cause and building things out might be a good start. It might have been easier to stop checking my word count and just write for a few minutes. It seems that I am just wiped out both emotionally and physically today. That should make for a recipe full of writing and thoughtful insights. It does not appear that is the case at the moment.

Topic 5: That last topic had to go

Ok — now is the time to stop focusing on the wrong parts of the journey. We have the opportunity to think about what things are important. We invest our time and money in the things that seem to be important at the time.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker custom build PC and my ASUS Flip Chromebook C101P using Google Docs

P.S. For the first time since owning an espresso pod based coffee machine, I broke down and made a double shot using two pods. My Starbucks Verismo machine actually let me pull two shots through the same pod and that worked out fine. It gave me two shots worth of espresso. The concentration of the second pull was not as strong as the first pull. That happened for obvious reasons. The grounds in the pod only have so much espresso goodness to give the world and that second pull tested what they could do. That is what makes my Nespresso decision so conflicting. A Lungo pull of 3.75 ounces or 110.90 milliliters of joy through the same pod was not going to cut it. Today was a day that needed two shots of espresso. In that case each pod would produce 1.35 ounces of espresso. Together my double shot of espresso would be 2.7 ounces of espresso goodness. It happened. It was glorious and enjoyable. At the same time, I felt just a little bit of guilt for using two Nespresso pods in the same sitting.

Unlike my Starbucks pods the folks at Nespresso have given me prepaid envelope to mail my used pods back for recycling. That is what encouraged me to purchase the strange silver rather large Nespresso Recycling Container. I capitalized the name of the device in solidarity with the naming convention on the Nespresso website. It is seriously big and it is full of Nespresso pods that are just hanging out with a little open air. Apparently, after the pods cool down in the Nespresso Expert machine they are going to go on a journey to the Recycling Container. At some point the container is going to become full of dry used Nespresso pods. I am then going to dump all the nespresso mods into this prepaid envelope they gave me to send them to some sorting location for recycling in Fresno, California.

You can imagine that my imagination kicked into overdrive on this one. This bag is about the size of a gallon ziplock and it is going to be full of used Nespresso pods. Those pods are going to end up on a UPS truck for ground class shipping. That always seems a really strange distinction for a shipping rate since most shipping is ground vs. air. I guess that means that the UPS driver who brings me things on a weekly basis may very well be taking the same Nespresso pods that were delivered to me back to the good folks at Nespresso. That gallen sized bag of like 100 pods will be traveling to Fresno, California. Within my imagination this entire process is rather like an episode of Chuck. It pretty much became the long lost Chuck vs. the Nespresso pod episode.

Chuck was a show about a computer repair technician at a retail store who accidentally received a download of highly classified images from a former roommate and then somehow got into seriously improbably and dangerous situations. Don’t get me wrong. I am probably going to buy more Chuck DVDs or Blu-ray discs on eBay. That will probably happen right after I finish searching YouTube for videos of how Nespresso recycles these pods in Fresno, California. I’m rather sure the process does not happen the same way it did within my imagination. Like all good science fiction television I assumed they had an unnecessarily elaborate conveyor belt pulling the pods into a centrifuge type area that pulled any remaining liquid out before the mods were eviscerated into tiny pieces for separation between pod material and coffee. I also entertained the thought that a conveyor belt system pulled them into a device that after turning them upright just cut the top off and vacuumed the grounds out. I’m kind hoping they went with the cut the pod into a ton of little pieces approach. That hope is not based on an type of scientific rational. It is probably based on on the same rational as monster trucks.

Upcoming 2018 Writing Topics:

— A post about my top ten favorite science fiction television shows
— Recap of all the video camera equipment I have owned
— All the promise and failures of my first Sony camcorder
— That one with a roadtrip to Florida
— Applied AI: A use case based exploration
— My ode to minor league hockey
— Progress within general AI vs. specialized use cases
— My review of the ASUS C101P Chromebook
— On leadership and the modern workplace
— The best way to archive digital content

Feel free to leave topic suggestions in the comment section.

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