Day 119 The one with some yardword and some NBA playoffs

2018: Day 119 The one with some yardword and some NBA playoffs

Dear Reader,

Today was a day that yardwork was bound to happen. As you imagine, today the weather in Colorado was warm and it is that time of year. Captured in the thumbnail for today’s blog post is a few bags of mulch that are now outside the house. Really they are mostly around the edge of the yard. At the same time, the folks over at ABC were kind enough to play game 7 of the playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers on broadcast television. That was good news since the only method I have for watching Lebron play basketball at the moment is my over the air antenna hooked up to my TiVo Roamio box. We had two basketball games on today and that was pretty good. They were basically just on on the background today. Given all the mulch and other activities going on today it was not really an option to sit and watch the game from start to finish. That is my prefered method of watching sporting events. I’m not really a channel flipper. From the moment I commit to watching a sporting event I’m pretty much locked in from start to finish.

Earlier today I was thinking about what will happen when this 2018 marathon of blog posts gets adapted into a published work. Combining all these separate blog posts into one huge sweeping narrative might be interesting. I wondered if all the signposting will remain. At that point each day probably does not need the deer reader salutation or a signature line, but removing those elements sorta detract from the overall message. That is not really a problem that not all that many people will run into. At the end of this year I’m going to put together that anthology and probably sell a limited number of signed copies on eBay. Oddly enough if you are reading this passage after this year is complete you may or may not be aware of these words and actions before you ever read them. That is the amazing part of writing. We are connected to the words, but we are not always connected to the time or place. That does not flaunt temporal mechanics in fact it sort of embraces the linear causality of the passage of time.

Tomorrow is going to be one of those days where I am highly focused on reading and writing a journal article. My principal focus for the day will be to produce a few thousands words of journal article and move on with a better draft than I had at the end of today. Working toward the goal of doing better everyday is a reasonable way to go about things.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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