Day 111 The one where Denver got snow in April and some research questions

2018: Day 111 The one where Denver got snow in April and some research questions

Dear Reader,

Today involved some thoughts about how to replace the Facebook feed with a search engine. You could pretty much just great widget that ingested links and created a custom news and updates feed that would function very much like the Facebook feed. You could create the widget to run as a plugin to Chrome or the browser. It would just ingest links to think you liked. They would have to be categorized based on where you liked the source of the content. If you wanted to see links to similar content, then that would be different than wanted to see all content from a specific source. All you have to do is compile the feed just like a search engine would crawl the web in a way that is specifically tailored to the end user. That would be pretty easy to setup and it probably does exist in some form. My version would inherently be better, but that does not negate the existence of other micro targeting streams.

Sure I had some extra time to think about things today. For some inexplicable reason here in late April it is snowing in Denver, Colorado. Nothing is really sticking to the roads and I wore a sweet Margaretville shirt and some jeans. It was snowing pretty hard, but that was not enough to drive the temperate down to the point where a coat or jacket was going to be required. Sometimes a day of snow in April can create a stay at home weekend moment for research and reflection. Maybe today is one of those days. I wrote a few words earlier in the day. Right now my thoughts are pretty much focused on installing EndNote on my primary Windows 10 computer tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure what options exist for using EndNote on my Chromebook. I started spending some time looking for options to make academic research possible on this Chromebook. To make that happen and avoid having to switch over to my Windows 10 computer will require figuring out how to manage citations and references on this Chromebook.

One of the things that I want to introduce into my daily blogging regime is a reference to the academic article of the day. That is party of my read an article a day plan for the rest of the year. A few quick and dangerous Google searches lead me down the path to getting an account with Mendeley. I got an account setup and started the download on the Mendeley application for Google Play. The software installed, but I’m not entire sure how it is going to help me manage citations and references on my Chromebook. Ok —- it looks like I need the Mendeley Web Importer plugin for Google Chrome. That should allow me to save articles that I stumble across online. I’m not entirely clear on how that turns them into citations, but I guess tonight is a night for learning about this process.

For some reason I ended up switching over to a product called zotero. It was really pretty easy to setup and attempt to use. You can see a reference that I imported a tonight below using Google Chrome on my Chromebook. It was pretty easy. The application had to be linked to the blog and I had to generate a shortcode to make the citation appear. That part of the whole thing I do no like. The short codes and display will pretty much require the plugin and the content to be available and working for the posts to live on and be ok for viewing years from now.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs


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