Day 110 The one with a long flight back to Denver

2018: Day 110 The one with a long flight back to Denver

Dear Reader,

This flight apparently has 3 hours and 18 minutes remaining. I’m not exactly sure if I can manage to write for 3 straight hours, but I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens. My Warren Zevon Radio station on Pandora is booted up in offline mode. We will see if Pandora as a company has tempted me to pay for their subscription service. Right now that 30 day trial is moving along and I have used the offline mode a few times including during a set of very long car rides this week. My Pixel 2 XL smartphone was paired to the car Bluetooth and Pandora just went about playing without chewing up my bandwidth. That seemed like a good use case for the service in offline mode. I’m not sure it will end up replacing my subscription to satellite radio in my car, but it could potentially replace the music portion.

My thoughts at the moment are pretty scattered. I’m ready for the weekend and a few moments of slower paced interactions with the world. Most of my efforts to study and confront the opioid crisis were focused on research and statistical modeling. A ton of research exists out in the wild about opioids. I’m starting to sketch out a book that can capture everything that I know and what tracks of research have promise. Some of that research effort is related to writing that article. I found a format template that seemed reasonable and a target publication platform has been targeted. The steps toward converting idea into reality are all going to have to fit in the next 30 days. I have time-boxed and limited my efforts on this paper to a very targeted window. That seems like the best way to approach things. A lot of the writing process will involve pulling together all the sourcing and reference articles necessary to bridge method and practice in a way that is very informed by the literature.

During the flight it looks like i can connect back out to my Colab instance of Tensorflow and work on a little bit of the magic during the flight. Maybe that means that I will write until I run out of words and then engage in a little bit of coding from about 30,004 feet in the air. That really is the beauty of being able to access a machine learning platform from a Google Chrome browser tab. All of that hardware and software is ready to go and it is even accessible during my flight. I got distracted and switched over to chewing through a guide called, “Overview of Colaboratory Features.” I’m connected to my Colab instance and running some items from the guide right now. Technology is capable of some surprising and amazing things. Deep learning on an airplane just brought me a little bit of joy mixed with a whole lot of amusement.

I’m out on Google Scholar right now reading articles from a search for “opioid prior authorization.” That type of open ended search is really just about going back to basics during this flight and casting a really wide net to see what I can learn and pull into my knowledge base for my literature review. During my analysis and paper writing efforts I have also started to sketch out a paper related to the methodologies deployed within published opioid crisis research. I’m thinking about a cross-sectional analysis of the methods at play and what which ones maybe are not getting a ton of usage by researches. I think that might be a good little methodology related side project.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Orlando, Florida
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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