Day 103 the one where my Chromebook got stickers

2018: Day 103 the one where my Chromebook got stickers

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was the day the word count fell off my blog posts for the first time in a long time. Maybe it was long overdue. Work counts do not maketh the post. They don’t really communicate anything ability quality. They communicate a weight in terms of volume, but that is really not the measure that counts in the end. Having the most words in the end does not win you any type of prize. Well it does not earn you any prize that I am aware of at this time. Maybe it is a contest and having the most words does set a record. Most records are not an indicator of quality. That is where my head is at this moment. Sure that might help explain things or it could just lead to more confusion.

Earlier today I cleaned off the top of my Chromebook which is something that happens on a regular basis. The entire device get cleaned in what you might call a white glove treatment. Outside of the screen it pretty much gets cleaned with some fairly abrasive cleaning solutions. The whole thing is aluminium. Today for some reason it seemed like a good idea to drop two stickers on my Chromebook. You may already know from the thumbnail today that my Chromebook now sports a Heatonist sticker and a Soylent sticker. My latest shipment of Soylent showed up with a fairly nice sticker. Tonight was the night that I put both stickers on my Chromebook. Over the years I have not really put stickers on my laptops. That has not really been something that I felt the need to do or thought was a very good idea. All that changed tonight. Maybe it was the moment that I got on the laptop sticker bandwagon.

I guess that means that putting on my headphones and zoning out the world to write some code is in my future. Strangely enough coding on this Chromebook feels pretty possible these days. You can go out to that is the Colab set of Jupyter notebooks by Research at Google. You can just hop on it and get going it appears right now the system is pretty open. It is an amazing portal for coding. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to get to coding. Hardware does not really limit you. A connection to the internet does, but that is a lot easier to solve than getting access to expensive hardware. That one website really does democratize access to artificial intelligence development software like Tensorflow. Those folks on the access side of the digital divide can take advantage of a world of possibilities. Without access to the internet and a computer this method of writing software breaks down.

It has been some time since I went back through all the materials and looked at the guides. Maybe I have spent more time buying hot sauce recently. Those folks over at the Heatonist do a great job of sharing hot sauce with the world. Some of them have been really good and some of them are questionable. That is pretty much the nature of the hot sauce game and it pretty much describes what you should expect when you dive into the deep end of exceedingly spicy food. Some of those hot sauces contain millions of Scoville units. Seriously, if you do not have any appreciation for that last statement imagine the kind of heat that invokes a serious and near instantaneous physical reaction. Some of those sauces are seriously hot. They are not really something that I would consume on a daily basis, but I appreciate them on a deeper level today than a year ago.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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