That golden hour of writing

Things seem to take off after those two shots of espresso in the morning. It is sort of like a golden hour of writing is possible before everybody starts to get up and move around in the morning. Capturing that potential productivity is the hard part it seems. I have to make a conscious effort to make that golden hour of productivity happen. It is about more than trying to translate the writing process to something useful. It is about activating the writing process in terms of engaging in some deeply reflective thought. Being aware of the possibility of activating that gold hour of writing is the keystone. You have to be aware of the possibility before you can actualize it in practice as a daily routine. Stumbling upon the situation is possible and could yield great results, but moving from a one off type of situation to something more sustainable requires a more active level of participation and planning. 

All of that build up and all I want to write about is my new internet modem… 

Earlier this month my internet provider elected to increase my overall service speed from 1 gigabit per second to 1.2 gigabits per second. This change in speed required getting a brand new modem from the internet service provider. I guess the old one was only capable of reaching that 1 Gbps threshold and the new one is slightly better. Functionally the overall speed of the internet has not changed at all in the house. The speedtest is exactly the same with the new modem running as it was with the old one operating at peak performance apparently. Both modems result in a roughly 900 Mbps experience. That speed is perfectly fine for everything that we are doing in terms of internet usage. After that realization I began reading about the CGM4331COM model and that was like going down a 15 minute internet rabbit hole. Sure that is one of the things that the internet provides. It is an nearly endless mesh of things to surf and it contains more and more rabbit holes of content daily.

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