Taking the time to really focus on something

This is day two in a row of taking 10 minutes to try to write something meaningful at the end of the day. Maybe part of this new routine is based on trying to really focus in on something. It might just be about taking the time to really did deep and focus on something. Even if that something is a single serving adventure into the deep end of a subject. Working toward really picking a topic and learning everything about it to develop a truly deep level of knowledge is rewarding. Today my Pandora internet streaming subscription expired. I got a pop up and then the advertisements returned. Some of them are interesting, but most of them are just interruptions to my stream of consciousness that is otherwise devoted to the single-minded purpose of writing for 10 straight minutes.  

Today was one of those days where things did not line up very well. It was one of those days that not even a double shot of espresso could save. Things were fragmented and otherwise difficult to push in the right direction. My thoughts did circle around to focusing on natural language processing (NLP) within the artificial intelligence space with a focus on sentiment analysis. For those of you who have been around the blog for some time you might harken back to my interests in data mining. Some time ago I published a few papers on the subject then moved on to a series of other things that captured my thoughts. Throughout the rest of the year I’m going to focus in really learning NLP on the Google Cloud Platform. My goal is to build the right set of Python notebooks to set a strong foundation for anyone that wants to jump in and build sentiment driven decisioning engines.  


Albums: Earlier today I listened to a little bit of the album Crystal Plant by Joe Satriani. To this day it remains one of my favorite thinking albums to have playing in the background.  

Media: During part of the evening the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers game was on the television. My only thoughts about it were that neither of my OTA antennas were able to get a very sharp picture.  

Technology: I spent a solid 15 minutes thinking about the Dell U3818DW 37.5” curved desktop computer monitor. This is not something that I really need, but it looks pretty awesome.  

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