Staring at the blank page

Whoa —- I just sat here staring at the blank page for about five minutes. Initially, I wanted to write fighting with the blank page, but that was not accurate. It was just a case of staring. That does not normally happen. Two shots of Nespresso were slowly being sipped and no real writing occurred during the start of this writing session. I sat down. The espresso was ready. Writing should have happened. It did not occur for a good five minutes. These are strange times for sure. It feels like 2020 is going to get a chapter worth of coverage in the history books. This is going to be remembered as one of the stranger years to happen in a long time.

People are looking at very disparate parts of my online writing collection. One theory I have about why that is happening might relate to a new wave of online searches for things. Maybe I’m showing up a little higher in the search engine rankings for some keyword or people are looking for just the right combination of words that ends up sending them over here. The search button widget for this blog is at the bottom of the content so it is not very easy to use. That makes all the wandering around the content even more interesting pattern of user behavior.

This might be it for the day. I’m trying to write a little bit more here and I have about 20 minutes to sit and write that should be uninterrupted, but for some reasons I’m just focused on other things at the moment. My attention is sweeping from thing to thing and the focus to produce meaningful prose is lacking within all that meandering. I could probably muddle through another page or so of ambiguous and uninteresting prose, but that is probably not a good idea. I might walk away for a few minutes and come back to this computer to see if that helps the writing process.

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