Solitudes hour

Reacting to the world around us seems very natural. Starting to think deeply about that world and why things are working the way they are is different from reacting. My first thoughts this morning at just after 05:00 hours are about the bitterness of this last espresso pod. Generally the Nespresso pods are very uniform in taste. One of the two or maybe both of the ones used this morning was slightly bitter compared to normal. That is an example of me reacting to the world that very much was encountered around me. Instead of focusing on the bitterness of my espresso this morning my thoughts should be devoted to continuing to ponder the things that go unsaid within civil society or maybe how to ensure that one big idea translates into a perfect possible future. That tasking for my focus and concentration is a better use of this hour right now that is completely mine. Solitudes hour is happening right now. This time is mine and mine completely at this hour of the morning. The Google Docs grammar engine did not like that last sentence. Apparently solitude is not allowed to be in possession of the word “hour” in the previous sentence. I’m generally ok with solitude being in possession of an hour. Given that I’m always fighting with the whole system and structure of language I’m going to allow that one to stand. You already knew that however as the rather offensive grammar breakdown occurred a few sentences back.

I did do a quick search on Google for “Solitudes hour” and about 134 results were returned. Given the size of the knowledge graph that the Google search engine is capable of traversing that is a very small number of instances. Not only did I execute that search on the Google website homepage, but also I executed that search on the Google Books Ngram Viewer. Between 1800 and 2019 the Ngram search found, “No valid ngrams to plot!” If you have not spent time using the Ngram viewer, then you are in for a real treat if you are interested in that sort of thing. Even the use of the word “solitudes” peaked out at about 1850 and dropped rapidly after that based on the books the people of Google have scanned. Well that last paragraph was a digression into something outside of the intended path for my writing session this morning. It was as unexpected as the bitterness of my espresso shots this morning. Maybe now would be the time to get back on track and stop searching things on the internet and get back to the habit of writing. 

This page of writing for today is off to a strange start. I’m not sure the final paragh for today is going to get any better. Yesterday, I did go back to look at 3 or maybe 4 writing documents that were created back in 2002. Overall my writing style has changed a lot in the last 18 years, but some of the overall themes are still present. My interests in economic game theory and civil society are still present. Apparently, I have been writing about the normative game and how it influences social routines and interactions for two decades. That last observation is probably the least surprising part of the whole analysis. I’ll probably be writing about the normative game until the intersection of technology and modernity is well understood. Be it the realization of a singularity with technology driving modernity or a situation where modernity ends up being purely driven by technology itself the intersection would be well understood. Other possibilities exist as well, but they do not fit within the previous sentence in such a succinct way. If you have been tracking these posts over the last 60 days, then you might have noticed that Google docs might be getting better at improving my spelling and grammar in real time. Most of the small mistakes are getting highlighted and corrected as the next sentence is either in progress or ending. That is an amazing step forward in the editing process.         

Right now my curated Warren Zevon Radio station on Pandora has 38 thumbs ups and 28 thumbs down within the training history. The station was created back on May 5, 2013. The station was seeded from a few Warren Zevon songs that I liked the best at the time it was created. You can find a link to that station under the podcasts page of my functional journal website. I’m going to assume that Pandora is still a functioning thing when you read this paragraph. In the event that Pandora no longer exists online, then you missed out on streaming internet radio curated based on an algorithms assumed relationship between other artists and tracks written by Warren Zevon. Right now, literally at this moment, the new puppy is trying to eat my guitar cable. That is how solitudes hour ended today. It ended with the addition of a few very unwanted very small inditions on a blue Fender original series coiled guitar cable. The coiled part of that just means that the 30 foot cable is coiled into about one inch loops next to each other making the usable distinct of the cable much shorter at about 5 feet. You could stretch it out if you were running around with it, but this cable has never really left my office has not needed to expend. 

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