On Writing with Purpose

Both Steve Jobs and Stephan Hawking shared a similar view about seizing the day. That view has been something that has drawn my interest. Hawking talked about approaching each day as if could be your last within a documentary about his life I watched on Netflix. That is an interesting perspective to have. Based on that modified teleology my efforts have been lacking.  I’m going to have to start writing with a different purpose.

Each writing session will have to be approached differently. Each session has to be approached with the single minded purposes of saying everything that has to be said. Whatever happens to matter in that moment has to be captured before the moment is gone. That will be a wholesale change from actively engaging in stream of consciousness writing. Instead of focusing on whatever bubbles to the forefront of consideration the weight of finality will have to measure the worth of what is being produced. Radically altering my path to prose generation could have unintended consequences. At this point, I’m will to move forward with the new approach.

This change will probably drive my writing toward a mix of business practices, technology related observations, and exploratory research. My functional journal entries will hopefully become more focuses on the intersection of technology and modernity. That approaching singularity will be a touchstone for our generation.

Moving forward I’m going to approach each opportunity to write like a window of time. Each window will need to be identified and a challenge defined. That challenge will have to help push forward some effort. Today I have one hour opportunity and it will be devoted to working my Multichannel Contact Strategy book.

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