On being diligent

My mind is clear. The things that slowed me down have faded away. My focus moving forward will be on the future of technology, society, and the economy. That means moving just beyond the intersection of technology and modernity and focusing on the edge of what is possible vs. focusing on the reality of what is happening. My interest in the edge of what is possible will drive everything else. I have to accept that reality and move forward embracing it. That is not the worst path forward, but it is a challenging one. Stephen Hawking talked about embracing the opportunity each day provides. You have to begin the day with a sense of urgency. That becomes problematic when you are not sure about your path forward. It is easier to think about moving forward than to actually take that first step.

I’m going to streamline the number of things that occupy my time. Thing have become complex enough that I cannot simply follow and pursue writing opportunities based on a whim. Articles rarely write themselves. A spark of inspiration can spark the shell of a great article in the blink of an eye, but the hard world of crafting the pages takes time and commitment. Being diligent about a craft requires devotion. Being devoted to writing requires a certain amount of solitude. Sometimes you have to steal a moment or two to write.

Sometimes I have become overly focused on the setup of my writing environment. I have found myself only writing in the morning or very late at night. At some point this year, I’m going to make the transition to writing on my phone or a tablet. Writing throughout the day will require doing some things differently.

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