Weekend Writing

All of the slides for the next pitch have been sketched out on paper. This weekend the slides just have to be built into a presentation and paired with audio. The first intro to multichannel contact strategy presentation build went ok. YouTube statistics suggest more than 2 hours have been spent watching the video so far. That is more than I expected for a video with zero promotion. Most of the video feedback I have received relates to verbiage and timing. I’m sure the pitch will get smoother over time. The peanut gallery only had time to build one mash up audio file this week. I never would have guessed the first video would inspire such fandom.

Beyond writing multichannel contact strategy chapters and building presentations, this weekend I need to work on my academic packet. Specifically, I need to finish working on my teaching philosophy document. Applying to teach courses requires a lot of document preparation and letter writing. I should have been working on the packet for about a year now.

I should be able to put in some serious late night work tonight. A good Friday night writing session will be good for me. I’m hoping to get in 5 hours of uninterrupted writing. I’ll leave the slide development to the weekend. The clock is ticking on these chapters. Now is the time to step up and knock this one out of the park.

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