Understanding programmatic strategy

Project management has become an increasingly well-defined field of study. It popped up and was everywhere within the business world. People have made careers out of it. Entire organizations engage in rampant credentials surrounding it. The entire project management process ends up being described as portfolios, programs, and projects. It is really all about the simple question of getting things done. If you think of campaign modules as a series of projects, then it is to understand the need for a program level strategy. Each of the project timelines has to be evaluated against the overall program. At some levels programmatic effectiveness defines the success or failure of multichannel contact strategies in the long-run. As short cited as this plan might be, the best possible fundraising day might be achieved by building a ten channel contact strategy that focused on contacting everyone on the list several times in a day. That plan might yield a single day record, but it would have disastrous consequences for the longevity of the campaign.

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