Understanding Communication Patterns

“What types of communication do we receive every day?”

My focus will be on understanding multichannel contact strategies for the next few months. The topic breaks down into a number of subcategories that are worthy of inquiry. Every day I will be diving deeper into the topic with a sub 1,000-word post. Throughout the entire endeavor I will be striving to remain positive about multichannel strategies and deliver excellent highly consumable analysis.

The patterns we need to study are everywhere. Communication patterns have almost become ubiquitous. We experience them every day. They are interwoven into our online experiences. Organizations pay a lot of money to insert them around the edges of our social media experiences and just about anywhere online people travel. Technology is advancing at such a pace that it almost sheds light on modernity’s shadow. We are truly at the crossroads where the intersection of technology and modernity is occurring at a rapid and game changing pace. Describing how we interact with the world around us almost requires talking about technology. 100 years ago it would have been a different conversation. Even 50 years ago our experiences with technology were different.

Our access to nearly infinite supplies of on demand information has expanding as the internet has grown. We have to be increasingly observant about the communication patterns around us. We need to understand both how and why people are trying to communicate with us. People can and will try to reach out in a variety of ways. You may have junk mail waiting for you in the mailbox. A free newspaper that is mostly just advertisements might be just outside your door. Those more traditional forms of communication may not have the same effectiveness as new and emerging digital methods, but they are still a daily occurrence for some folks. A number of sophisticated advertisement platforms exist online and pretty much follow users around the internet.

Some folks have noticed the multistage retargeting models advertisers are using to deliver very sophisticated advertisement strategies online. They literally follow a step by step funnel from site to site. The advertisements can move from general to more and more targeted throughout a pattern of clicks even across different sites. Some of the strategies even bundle similar audiences together. That is one of the more interesting parts of any of these communication models. The algorithms for bucketing the bundles to figure out similarity are exceedingly complex. I will spend more time on multistage retargeting later. Some of that discussion will even include the methods being deployed to stop that type of tracking.

We can make a choice to figure out how and why communication is occurring. We can think about how we are interacting with the world around us and truly focus on understanding our interactions. Thinking about communication patterns is an important part of that analysis.

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