Pitch Recorded

Just for fun I recorded my first attempt at a multichannel pitch this weekend. Sometimes listening to yourself can be insightful. Other times it might just remind you of the gap between where you are and where you could be given the right amount of time and effort. Most of the slides for the intro pitch contain very little math. At some point, I plan on recording a complete model walk via slides and audio.

Beyond recording the pitch, I started preparing my academic interview packet. Building an application for a full time faculty gig requires the candidate to do a lot of work. I plan on working on the required materials a little bit at a time. In some ways it is like writing a pitch. It is a very personal pitch describing where you have been and where you are going. Some people call it a research trajectory.

I’m pretty confident that my multichannel contact strategy book is on the right research trajectory. I spent a lot of time on the pitch chapter this weekend. The tone and pacing needed to be worked out. My goal is to have the first three chapters completed by this weekend. A bunch of different parts have been penned to paper, but the first section needs a couple more hours of work.

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