Writing some multichannel contact strategy pitches

Sometimes I feel apart from my previous writing efforts. I know that the prose is mine. It reads right. It makes sense, but I do not really remember writing it. That might sound like an odd occurrence. Maybe it is strange phenomenon. One such example was a series of pitches I wrote a couple years back.

“You always have to be ready to deliver the pitch. If you don’t think you’re ready to close the pitch, then you’re not ready to deliver the pitch.”

You made it this far. Only smart, interesting, and awesome people should keep reading. If that is you, then you are on the right track to start the journey. This chapter is all about selling. It is about selling the pitch. Selling an idea might seem like a simple endeavor. Even great ideas face some resistance from the hobgoblin of little minds. This pitch is about putting the idea out there in the world and hoping that people use it.

The Political Pitch

Being a candidate might seem noble. Making a real difference in the world is noble. Don’t kid yourself, winning will let you make a difference. Winning campaigns in our politically divided country requires the candidate to be able to execute a well-planned campaign strategy. The candidate will need the best possible organization with the best possible messaging. It’s about bringing the right people together at the right times. Winning will require a great multichannel contact strategy. That is executed in a highly engaging way. You have to get the word out to as many people as possible in ways that inspire and compel them to take action on your behalf. Are you ready? When can we get started?

The Elevator Pitch

Steal this idea. People steal great ideas. Does your current customer contact plan work to optimize strategy from marketing to operations? I bet it does not even come close. You need to tie marketing and operations together. The multichannel contact strategy model defines the work required to achieve the outcomes you desire. The A-UP model defines how to best manage that work. The two models work in concert to translate multichannel contact strategy into action by mapping out what works. It maps out what is required and how to manage it. It also helps ensure that the actions taken produces the desired results. Just for good measure both models share a strategy optimization algorithm that helps optimize multichannel contact strategy during the process. Does it sound like something you could steal?

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