Managing Multichannel Strategy Channel Lifecycles

Do not just accept that it is. Strive toward improving the things you would have to accept about it. Those are the things you have to identify and understand. As you strive forward focus on being positive, being excellent, and being proactive. That logic certainly applies to managing multichannel contact strategy channel lifecycles. Each channel may have a distinct lifecycle. New communications channels may be in the infancy stage of corporate development. Certain companies and technologies are more mature than others. Effectiveness changes over time. That is a fact. Talking to the crowd via different channels can be more or less effective at different times of the year, month, week, or day. Figuring out the right way to balance channels takes time and planning.

It is important to understand where each vendor or technology is on the product lifecycle curve. A vendor could be brand new with a technology that is only recently on the market. The vendor could be very well established with a product that was leading the pack, but now is falling behind. It is also important to understand that vendors do not last forever and that you will need backup providers or at least backup plans for major channels. Stability is one of the primary reasons using established enterprise level systems is critical to success. The introduction of social media systems as contact channels has required the development and implementation or different types of enterprise risk management strategies. Things in the world of social media change quickly. That means those communication channels are changing quickly and for the most part without any real warning.

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