It’s all about the plan

We have been talking about building multichannel contact strategies this week. That might be the cornerstone of the topic. It might be a great and informative topic to consider. Some of the arguments brought forward in this extended discourse extend beyond that topic. That makes it very important to stay the course. We have to be positive. We have to strive toward being excellent in the things we are going to accomplish. The things that we will accomplish will be the foundation for what we do next. The foundation has to come from somewhere. It could have been sparked from a novel idea. It might have jumped out during a planning sessions. Ideation happens.

It’s all about the plan. People only build campaign strategies to complete objectives. Realizing objectives might seem straightforward. Depending on the size and scope of the objective in question the strategy could be pretty complex. The strategy may not be aligned to the organizational goals or it could be a highly short term strategy that does not align with the long term vision of the organization.

The hardest part about campaign strategy management is keeping track of the tallest tree in the planning forest. That tree is and always will be completing the objective with a favorable outcome. It might be easier to focus on the internal logic of the strategy or debate the finer points of contact effectiveness, but those items cannot be allowed to distract from the overall objectives. It is critical to understand exactly what is trying to be achieved. Not only is it critical to understand what is going to be achieved, but also it is critical to understand why that needs to be achieved.

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