Evidence based decision making

This might seem simple. It might seem straightforward. It is one of the things that organizations consistently get wrong. Walking down the path of building evidence based decision making is not easy. Just like campaigns are not easy. They have to be built and maintained. The entire campaign strategy process has to be based on the foundation of a strong evidence based decision making process. The facts are the facts. We gather information to inform our choices.

Strategies happen. Some of them are executed well. Some of them are not. You pretty much have to accept that organizations develop decision making in a variety of ways. People make plans. Executing those plans require people to make decisions. Making decisions happens in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Within any organization strategic decision making and risk management plan an important role.

Sometimes along the path we run into situations where an organization has not built a strong compendium of key performance indicators. Sometimes an organization has not advanced enough to be running based on a strategic plan. Maybe one was never drafted. Things work best when the two items are working in harmony. Organizations with both have a clear path to success. However, we will discuss operationalizing a strategic plan in more detail in the coming days and months.

Within any organization the logical conclusion of building out strong evidence based decision making should be a strategic plan. It should be a strategic plan that is driving by a compendium of key performance indicators. That builds the basis of operationalizing a strategic plan.

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